Field Station Courses and Cost

Our courses emphasize field methods
and mapping using the spectacular
geologic settings in Wyoming, Idaho,
and Montana.  Study localities include
the Snake River Plain, Yellowstone,
the Teton, Wind River, and
Washakie Mountains, and the Sawtooth Range.
The first and last weeks are spent at a
variety of locations in the northern
Rocky Mountains, with the middle
three weeks based out of Timberline
Ranch, 15 miles NW of Dubois, WY and
70 miles NE of Jackson, WY.
Course photo 1
field camp 2019


June 30 - August 2, 2021 (5 weeks)


GLG 411 - 6 Undergraduate credit hours
GLG 511 - 6 Graduate credit hours

Staff: Brian Currie (Director), Dr. Claire McLeod, and       and Graduate Assistant Instructors

2021 Costs
 GLG 411 (In-state Undergraduate)   GLG 511 (In-State Graduate) 
Tuition and Administration Fee:  $3,595.66 $3,522.22
 Program Fee (including $250 deposit):  $2,000.00 $2,000.00
GLG 411 (Out-of-state Undergraduate) GLG 511 (Out-of-state Graduate)
Tuition and Administration Fee: $6,012.04 $8.045.08
Program Fee (including $250 deposit): $2,000.00 $2,000.00

Plus individual food costs for travel/camping days (approximately $200) and travel to and from Wyoming (no cost van transportation from Ohio available).  Final Tuition/Fees subject to change.

Application: Enrollment is capped at 30. Decisions on applications will begin in December 2020 and will continue until the courses are full.  More information at: