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Oxford, OH 45056
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Philip R. Shriver Professor of History: Middle East, Islamic and World History
Director, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies


PhD, Columbia University
MA, Columbia University
BS, Drew University


Dr. Gordon teaches courses in Middle East, Islamic and World History, with a focus on early and medieval Islamic history (c. 600-1000 CE). He regularly offers survey courses in these fields, as well as upper level courses that focus on the Abbasid Empire, urbanism and society in the medieval Islamic period, and the rise of Islam in Late Antiquity. He is presently developing a new course on slavery in World History.


Dr. Gordon is a historian of the early and medieval Islamic Middle East, with a particular interest in social and political history. He has published on the history of military slavery, especially in the early Abbasid period (c. 750-900), gender and slavery in Middle Eastern urban history, and Egypt in the early Islamic period. He is presently at work on an history of the early Abbasid Empire. He has also published several textbooks on Middle East and Islamic history.


Dr. Gordon has led two recent collaborative projects, both of which resulted in publications. The first is entitled The Works of Ibn Wadih al-Ya`qubi, An English Translation (Brill, 2018), a three-volume work that brought together eleven scholars in Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern studies. The second project, Concubines and Courtesans: Women and Slavery in Islamic History (Oxford University Press, 2018) contains essays by sixteen colleagues in these same fields.

Other Activities

Dr. Gordon is a co-editor, with Professor Antoine Borrut (Department of History, University of Maryland), of an online academic journal, Al-Usur al-Wusta.

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