The following GIC advisors can help with departmental advising questions, and help you with course substitutions for curriculum requirements.

Sande Garner is Chief Departmental Advisor for:

  • American StudiesGlobal and Intercultural Studies
  • Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Dr. Sande Garner
126 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-0593

Tammy Brown is Chief Departmental Advisor for:

  • Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

Dr. Tammy Brown
122 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-5333

Walt Vanderbush is Chief Departmental Advisor for:

  • Asian/Asian American Studies
  • Latin American, Latino/a & Caribbean Studies

Dr. Walt Vanderbush
123 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-2018

Charlie Stevens is Chief Departmental Advisor for:

  • International Studies

Dr. Charlie Stevens
33 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-1926

Dr. Rodney Coates
121 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-8511

Arts and Science Academic Advising can also help with:

  • Miami Plan & College of Arts and Science Requirements
  • Course Selection
  • Career Decision Making