2011 Student Spotlight

Na'eem Outler

(Class of 2011)

photo of Na'eem Outler"In my first BWS class, I met the director of Black World Studies and he helped me through my major as well as in many other ways, including an independent study course during my senior year."

Read what Na'eem had to say about his experiences as a transfer student to Miami.

Rebecca Lancaster

(Class of 2012)

photo of Rebecca Lancaster"I began taking [WGS] classes just to 'get a feel' for what women's studies would be like, but I immediately fell in love with the courses and had to take as many as I could."

Read what Rebecca had to say about the WGS Program and her Feminist Summer Camp experience.

Paul Pass

(Class of 2005)

photo of Paul Pass"After graduating from Miami, I received a master's degree in European affairs from Indiana University and worked in education outreach, the Delegation of the European Union to the USA, and the U.S. House of Representatives."

Read what Paul had to say about his post-graduation international experiences.

Jenna Saponaro

(Class of 2012)

photo of Jenna Saponaro"I've learned to think critically and independently, and I've been encouraged and challenged to analyze complex issues and theories and to interpret them in an intelligent and articulate way."

Read what Jenna had to say about the WGS Program and the 2011 Farm Food Crawl.

Casey Smitson

(Class of 2014)

photo of Casey Smitson"The dynamic nature of American Studies classes makes them truly exciting … I look forward to going to these classes because I know that they will be both challenging and relevant."

Read what Casey had to say about her American Studies major and German minor.

Lauren Stone

(Class of 2012)

photo of Lauren Stone"Before I applied to Miami, I had no doubt that majoring in International Studies would be a perfect major for me. I traveled around the world with my family from a young age and my early exposure to societies outside the United States, along with my interest in politics and history, greatly influenced my decision to major in International Studies."

Read what Lauren had to say about her study abroad experiences in Jordan and Scotland.

Francesca Witcher

(Class of 2010)

photo of Francesca Witcher"The experience I had as a Black World Studies major plays an integral role in the job that I have today … BWS gave me access to many great professors of color, which played a huge role in my professional and personal development."

Read what Francesca had to say about how the BWS program at Miami prepared her for the future.

Chris Mayer

(Class of 2013)

photo of Chris Mayer"Not only do I have the academic freedom to study whichever aspects of American culture I want, I have many internship and research opportunities. The American Studies faculty is full of knowledgeable, and enthusiastic professors. Every American Studies class I have taken has always been both engaging and impactful."

Read what Chris had to say about choosing the American Studies major and developing his own concentration.

Sam Kay

(Class of 2012)

photo of Sam Kay"ITS is anthropology, economics, geography, history and political science. My experience has shown that ITS is greater than the sum of its parts … ITS majors are given the tools to understand the interconnected and interdisciplinary nature of our world."

Read what Sam had to say about his study abroad experiences in China and India.

Dave Greber

(Class of 2003)

photo of Dave Greber"Black World Studies planted a seed that continues to grow in soil I never even knew existed—or cared to understand. It challenges in ways only truth can."

Read what Dave had to say about how BWS changed and shaped his life.

Ashley Miller

(Class of 2012)

photo of Ashley Miller"Being an ITS major has done for me exactly what I believe college should do for any young person: it opened my mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking; it taught me how to write effectively and efficiently; and it gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the most esteemed professionals in their fields, professors I have come to respect and cherish."

Read what Ashley had to say about her summer internships, study abroad in Austria, and undergraduate research.

Sun-Young Park

(Class of 2012)

photo of Sun-Young Park"The International Studies major provided me opportunities to meet good friends who I can keep in touch with for a long period of time and really helped me to increase my knowledge … I appreciate what International Studies brought me and helped me to choose my direction of the future. I am looking forward to using these skills and knowledge in my career path."

Read what Sun-Young had to say about her undergraduate research and leadership experiences at Miami.

Christina Kazanjian

(Class of 2011)

photo of Christina Kazanjian"Because journalism majors need to have a second major, I also declared American studies. What I love about American studies is the diversity within the major that allows you to choose from 4 [now 5] different tracks. And, if those don't seem interesting enough, you can self-design a concentration."

Read what Christina had to say about her internships.

Sheryl Long

(Class of 2009)

photo of Sheryl Long"Miami's Black World Studies curriculum taught me to communicate from a place of sincere understanding and exposure to many cultures and experiences."

Read what Sheryl had to say about how the communication skills she developed as BWS major helped her professionally.

Samantha Chyette

(Class of 2012)

photo of Samantha Chyette"American Studies provided a context for understanding the meaning and significance behind things that I studied in high school or heard about in the news, but really did not fully appreciate. That's when things started to 'click' and I knew that I had to take more courses."

Read what Samantha had to say about AMS faculty and her double major.