2013 Student Spotlight

Nicollette Staton

(Class of 2013)

photo of Nicollette Staton"The most valuable thing that my Miami education, particularly my international studies and my study abroad trips, has given me is a better understanding and acceptance of all different types of people … learning how to navigate cultural differences and develop communication and language skills is essential overseas."

Read what Nicollette had to say about how Miami her experiences in Kosovo and her master's research on human trafficking.

Rafaela Coelho

(Class of 2014)

photo of Rafaela Coelho"There's definitely an advantage in liberal arts education in that you have more room to explore, which is necessary. I feel that if I had not been given the opportunity to have a double major under the College of Arts and Science, I probably wouldn't have picked up my second major in Latin American Studies, which includes some of my favorite courses at Miami."

Read what Rafaela had to say about her experiences in Miami's Mosaic Living Learning Community and in Cali, Colombia.

Sydney Johnson

(Class of 2014)

photo of Sydney Johnson"Black World Studies—studying the black world—definitely solidified for me that I'd made the right choice in coming to Miami."

Read what Sydney had to say about her Black World Studies major and her internship in Washington, DC.

Madison Reiser

(Class of 2014)

photo of Madison Reiser"I applied to many other schools, but probably after my 17th tour of the Oxford campus, I knew this was where I was going to be. The International Studies (ITS) Program really stood out for me, along with study abroad and global studies, so those were the winning factors for me."

Read what Madison had to say about her Inside Washington internship and study abroad experience in Ecuador.

Fernanda Victoria-Bojalil

(Class of 2013)

photo of Fernanda Victoria-Bojalil"My Latin American concentration put me in touch with professors like Walt Vanderbush, Elena Albarrán, and José Amador de Jesús in the Latin American, Latino/a and Caribbean Studies (LAS) program ... At first I was worried that adding another major would make it difficult for me to graduate on time, but Professor Vanderbush convinced me that the LAS requirements often coincided with those for International Studies."

Read what Fernanda had to say about her LAS major and her internship in Lima, Peru.

Kayla Strickland

(Class of 2014)

photo of Kayla Strickland"The professors here are really attentive and want you to succeed. They give a lot of input into your writing and how you're doing academically, and they'll even help you get involved in different things … Take opportunities that are presented to you, especially when faculty offer them—they're reaching out to you for a reason, and they think you have potential."

Read what Kayla had to say about the Miami faculty and her Winter Term in Cuba.

Domenic Fish

(Class of 2015)

photo of Domenic Fish"ITS is so interdisciplinary that it really allows you to go from a non-profit atmosphere to a fully for-profit business atmosphere. It's funny, because until this year I really had nothing going on in the business school other than economics, which I had to take for ITS. And now I'm an entrepreneurship minor."

Read what Domenic had to say about the International Studies Program and faculty, as well as Invisible Children.

Erin O'Neal

(Class of 2015)

photo of Erin O'Neal"The best thing about International Studies is that it's an interdisciplinary major, and so I take classes all across the board like history, economics, geography, and so on. I actually got the chance to take Latin American Studies classes through this, and because of those classes I ended up picking up my 2nd major in Latin American Studies in the fall of my sophomore year."

Read what Erin had to say about her favorite classes, study abroad experience, and undergraduate research on the Argentine gaucho.

Amelia Wester

(Class of 2014)

photo of Amelia Wester"My professors have been wonderful, engaged, and extremely helpful; I can't think of an experience I've had with any faculty member who's been bad. I think that my International Studies/Latin American Studies majors are not only teaching me basic knowledge in those subject areas, but they're also helping me to think about global/Latin American issues and current events."

Read what Amelia had to say about Guate Bonita and its role in raising money for a rural Guatemalan school.

Sarah Christin Mueller

(Class of 2014)

photo of Sarah Christin Mueller"Miami really attracts more and more international students because there are so many opportunities here, so many great faculty, and so much we can all learn from each other. International students bring so many different perspectives from all the different countries, so having them in the classroom is really enriching and gives all of us a wider perspective."

Read what Sarah had to say about her undergraduate research and participation in Miami University's Field Hockey Team and International Student Organization.