2018 Student Spotlight

Veronica Ruiz-Krause

photo of Veronica Ruiz-Krause(Class of 2019)

"I loved GIC because it forced me to examine topics that I would previously tend to ignore. Sometimes it is easier to pretend like terrible things are not happening around the world when we are not seeing it first-hand. However, just because atrocities do not directly affect us it does not mean we should just pretend it isn't happening. GIC was extremely eye-opening, and it really inspired me to want to find a career in which I can directly interact and impact the lives of others."

Read what Veronica had to say about the GIC co-major, ROTC, and her study abroad experience.

Jessi Wright

(Class of 2019)

photo of Jessi Wright"After my work on the [His/Her/Hirstory Symposium], I've continued my involvement with Dr. [Ann] Fuehrer as an independent researcher and Undergraduate Associate (UA). I've been working with her on a video interview web series about some of the women that started the National Organization for Women in Oxford and Miami."

See what Jessi had to say about her internship and other experiences while studying abroad in London.

Jayne Orleans

(Class of 2019)

photo of Jayne Orleans"Ever since middle school I'd wanted to do something in international studies. I didn't even know that my dad was also an ITS major here until I declared that major — so I guess it runs in the family! My mom explained to me that my dad was excited that I was going to his alma mater but didn't want to pressure me in any direction, so it's just crazy how I naturally chose much the same path as he did."

See what Jayne had to say about two of her study abroad trips — "Cuba in Transition" and "Arabian Gulf Economies in Social Transition".

Alexandra Apicella

(Class of 2019)

photo of Alexandra Apicella"On the faculty side, three people come immediately to mind: professor Rodney Coates in Black World Studies (who has been a great mentor), associate professor Ann Fuehrer in WGS (who recommended my fall study abroad), and professor C. Lee Harrington in Sociology and Social Justice Studies (with whom I worked as a TA). All of them are phenomenal!"

See what Alexandra had to say about parlaying her previous experiences into a leadership role.

Lauren Voegtle

(Class of 2019)

photo of Lauren Voegtle"I originally came in solely as an International Studies major because I wanted to focus on international politics, but my academic advisor encouraged me to add a concentration in Latin America because I also study Spanish. My academic advisor for International Studies is senior lecturer Melanie Ziegler, who has been incredibly helpful and influential throughout my time at Miami so far."

Read what Lauren had to say about her study abroad experiences and extracurricular activities.

Lauren Poythress

(Class of 2020)

photo of Lauren Poythress"I originally planned to keep Black World Studies as my minor because I felt as a pre-law student I needed to get into political science. After talking to Dr. [Rodney] Coates, to Maria [Vitullo], and to my parents, I realized that I didn't need to be a poli-sci major to get into law school. I think poli-sci is great, but I felt so passionate about Black World Studies that I knew I needed it to be my major along with psychology."

See what Lauren had to say about her extracurricular activities and efforts promoting diversity.

Harrison Graydon

(Class of 2018)

photo of Harrison Graydon"I've always been fascinated with other cultures, and international studies offers an inclusive interdisciplinary approach that leaves nothing unturned. I chose a concentration on western Europe which includes some in-depth history classes. One of my favorite courses in my major was professor Carl Dahlman's Political Geography (GEO 378), cross-listed under International Studies. It was not only very informative but also encouraged us to discuss current events and relate them to the class."

See what Harrison had to say about his memorable study abroad experience in France's second largest city, Lyon.

Imani Fields

(Class of 2019)

photo of Imani Fields"All of my professors have been amazing. It's because of them and staff in their departments that I feel so encouraged. Faculty and staff at Miami are great at answering student questions and helping us find the resources we need."

See what Imani had to say about her winter term experience in Washington, DC.