Dr. Haosheng Yang

Dr. Haosheng Yang


2008 - Ph.D. - Harvard University, East Asian Languages and Civilizations

2001 - M.A. - Peking University, Beijing, China, Chinese Languge and Literature

1998 - B.A. - Peking University, Beijing, China, Chinese Language and Literature

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Late Qing literature
  • Modern and contemporary Chinese literature
  • Film
  • Popular Culture

Courses Taught at Miami

  • CHI 101: First Year Chinese
  • CHI 102: First Year Chinese
  • CHI 115.F: Forbidden Romance in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
  • CHI 201: Second Year Chinese
  • CHI 202: Second Year Chinese
  • CHI 252: Modern Chinese Literature in Translation
  • CHI/FST 264: Chinese Cinema and Culture
  • CHI 301: Third Year Chinese
  • CHI 302: Third Year Chinese 
  • CHI 330: Chinese Verbal Theater Performance

Selected Publications

  • A Modernity Set to a Pre-Modern Tune: Classical-Style Poetry of Modern Chinese Writers, Brill Publishers, 2016.
  • “Review of The Translatability of Revolution by Pu Wang,” in China Review International, Vol. 24, No. 3, 2019, 244-247.


  • “‘Li Xianglan,’ Popular Music, and the Colonial Legacy in Manchukuo and Japanese-Occupied Shanghai,” presented at the Association for Asian Studies-in Asia 2019 Annual Conference, Bangkok, Thailand. July, 2019.
  • “An Infatuation with a Skeleton: Yu Dafu’s Accidental Loyalism and Classical-Style Poetry,” presented at the 2018/2019 School of Chinese Research Seminar, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. September, 2018.
  • “Songs Transcending Boundaries: Li Xianglan, Popular Music, and Problems with Identity Construction in Colonized Manchukuo,” accepted and will be presented at the Association for Asian Studies 2018 Annual Conference, Washington, D.C. March, 2018.

Membership in Professional Organizations

  • Invited Member of the International Guo Moruo Study Academy
  • Member of the Association for Asian Studies
  • Member of the American Oriental Society
  • Member of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language
  • Member of the Chinese Language Teachers Association
  • Member of the Midwest Asian Studies Association
  • Member of the Chinese Historian Society of America


  • Chinese (native)
  • English (near-native)