GREAL Alumni Newsletter - May 2010

Volume 10, No. 2
May 2010


Dear Alums,  More GREAL students than ever before are studying abroad. From Miami summer language programs 'incountry' to semesterand year-long study at universities all over the world, learning in the language and cultural milieu is priceless. Read more about it here, and if you'd like to help, we'll tell you how further down in this letter.

-- Margaret Ziolkowski Acting Chair, GREAL


All eight ofGREAL's languages now offer sponsored study-abroad programs, and Miami students are responding with enthusiasm. In fact, Miami students' level of study abroad is among the highest of U.S. universities.

Over 1,500 Miami students have some kind of study abroad experience each year. About 900 participate in short-term or summer programs; about 230 to go the Luxembourg campus for a semester or a year; about 270 go to a Miami exchange or approved program.

In GREAL, Arabic study-abroad offerings include programs in Cairo; Dubai; Amman, Jordan; Rabat, Morocco, Tunis, Tunisia; and Muscat, Oman. Chinese offerings include Lhasa, Tibet; Tianjin, China, Peking, and Shanghai. Miami has a Japanese exchange program in Kansai Gaidai. German offers programs in Munich, Luxembourg, and Vienna, and Heidelberg/J ena/Dessau/Berlin. Students of Hebrew may attend programs in Haifa, in the Negev, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. Students of Hindi can study in Hyderabad; students of Korean in Y onsei; and students of Russian in Novgorod/ Moscow/ St. Petersburg and the Havighurst Study Tour. In addition there are myiad programs from the Council on International Educational Exchange, the Study Abroad Consortium, ISEP Exchange, and other organizations.


Dr. Qinna Shen and Dr. John Jeep attended this year's German Cabaret: "Fremde Erde," about Jewish refugees from Nazism who settled in Shanghai;

Dr. Mieko Ono gives an award to a student of Japanese at GREAL 's annual Graduating Seniors Awards Ceremony. Supported by the GREAL Gift Fund; thank you, alums, for your past donations to this fund!

Dr. Elizabeth Bergman presented an Outstanding Student Award to a student of Arabic.

Three students of Chinese (the signs on their backs written in Chinese said, "Back, " "Street", "Boys") performed a Chinese version of a song from that group for the Awards Ceremony.


Byt is the Russian word for daily life-in its positive sense, vitality, the circle of being-but also in its negative sense, the crushing banality of boring routine. Where the great male writers of Russian literature saw byt as an obstacle to the life of the mind and the soul, Russian women writers have appropriated it as a source of inspiration for creativity. So writes Miami's Dr. Benjamin Sutcliffe, who has been a faculty member in Russian since 2004, the year he received his Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literatures from University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Sutcliffe, whose book, The Prose of Life: Russian Women Writers from Khrushchev to Putin (U. of Wisconsin Press, 2009) was named an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Magazine, was recently tenured and promoted to Associate Professor.

Known to Miami students of Russian as a demanding but effective teacher of Russian, Dr. Sutcliffe is also an enthusiastic and popular literature professor. He names Nineteenth- century Russian Literature as his favorite course.

In recent years, Dr. Sutcliffe has taught in the Havighurst Center's summer program in Russia.

His next writing project: a book-length study of contemporary Russian author Liudmila Ulitskaia.


Julia Hahn (German '09) participated in a summer research program in Munich right after graduation and was accepted into the Master of Science in Biochemistry program at the Ludwig-MaximiliansUniversitat, where she will study for the next two years.

Adam Sabala (German '07) intends to start a business in the fashion industry and is looking for contacts from alums. Write to him c/o if you can help.

Aaron Reed (German '04) graduated from Capital University law school, took part in an international law program at Passau University in Germany and Salzburg University in Austria, and lived in Germany for two years. Recommends Rosetta Stone for brushing up on German!

Study Abroad

Did you study abroad when you were at Miami? If so, you know that it's not freeand a lot of students decide not to go because of cost.  If you could help with a donation-large or small-it could make the difference for a student studying abroad for the summer or the year. Please specify the "GREAL Gift Fund" when you give to M.U!


GREAL is fortunate to have ten living Emeritus (male) or Emerita (female) professorsmaybe some of them among your favorites from back in the day. Alphabetically, they are:

  • Dr. Michael Bachem (German) lives in Portland, Maine, is manager of the Choral Art Society.
  • Dr. Gisela Bahr (German) lives in Oxford and still visits her beloved Berlin every year.
  • Dr. Robert Bowie (Russian) lives in Travelers Rest, SC, does cross-cultural consulting.
  • Dr. Peter E. Carets (German) lives in Oxford and teaches drumming to other enthusiasts.
  • Mr. Chiang-Tsu Chow(Chinese) enjoys life and the Rec Center in Oxford.
  • Dr. Marion Lee Miller (German) lives in Albuquerque and builds specialty wood furniture.
  • Dr. Paul Mitchell (Russian) lives in Oxford and has been studying Arabic language.
  • Dr. Edward M.V. Plater (German) lives in Oxford and is teaching himself Spanish.
  • Mr. David C. Siebenhar (German) lives in Oxford and is planning a long trip to Europe.
  • Dr. Audrone B. Willeke (German) lives in Orinda, California, and enjoys mountain hiking.