GREAL Alumni Newsletter - May 2012

May 2012
Volume 12, Issue 2


Here we are at the end of another great year for GREAL. This year we're especially proud of our newly implemented Arabic minor and the half-dozen Fulbright awardees with GREAL majors or minors. Thanks for staying in touch with us. We look forward to hearing more about your personal and professional adventures. Wishing you a fine summer,

-- Margaret Ziolkowski, Chair GREAL


No fewer than five current and recent GREAL graduates have been awarded prestigious English Teaching Assistantships Fulbright Awards for 2012-2103. They are:

Timothy Boll - Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies Major Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Russia

Daniel Hawk - Majors in Diplomacy and Global Politics and German Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Germany

Joseph 'Harrison' King - 2011 Alumnus, Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies Major, Currently a Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Azerbaijan

Corbin Mathias - Double major in German Education and German Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Germany

Elizabeth Bersin - 2011 Alumnus, German Minor, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Austria, will be living in Graz

A Linguistics Major, Katelin Burke, was also awarded a Fulbright, with a placement in Mongolia. Dr. Jeep (GREAL) directs Miami's Linguistics Program


Former Intensive German Summer Student Neal Stimler (2005), of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City) delivered the keynote address, "Reforming the Museum through Social Media", for a German museum conference, "aufbruch. museen and web 2.0": (http://aufbruch2nul1.blogspot.deL). Neal's talk can be seen on YouTube:


GREAL's Chinese Program offered a new course this semester-CHI 330, Chinese Verbal Theater Performance. Students learn Chinese through various forms of performing arts, such as drama, Beijing opera and tongue twisters.


Professor Elizabeth Bergman writes about our first class of Arabic minors:

In 2012, ten Miami University students graduated with Arabic minors in GREAL. These students were the first to graduate with the Arabic minor, established in Fall 2011. They come from departments as diverse as Psychology and International Studies, as well GREAL. Following graduation, Arabic minors will go on venues that include a Fulbright Fellowship in German, an internship in Washington, DC, and graduate school in London.

The Arabic minor is the newest program in the Department of GREAL. In its first year, some 30 students have signed on as Arabic minors. GREAL has offered Arabic language and culture courses since 2003. As the number of Arabic students has increased, the program has expanded. Three faculty members, two full-time and one part-time, offer three years oflanguage instruction, as well as courses devoted to spoken language, media Arabic, and Arabic literature. Graduates of the Arabic program are putting their knowledge of Arabic language and culture to work in the private sector, in the US government, and in NGOs in the US and elsewhere.


Three Miami German Majors are studying in Munich with the Wayne State Junior Year in Munich Program 2011-12: Amy Newman is completing her year at the Munich Technical University, while Colin Sexton is at the Ludwig Maximilian University. Prof. Jeep, member of the Executive Advisory Committee (succeeding Ruth H. Sanders), will visit the Munich campus in June.


The 37th annual Austrian Summer Scholars program is getting ready for another Oxford invasion. Twenty-five students from the Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien (Vienna school of Business and Economics) will be attending summer courses between June 22 and August 4, 2012.The students will be housed with American students in Havighurst Hall this year and will partake in several excursions such as Kings Island, a Cincinnati Reds Baseball Game, a trip to Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum, and a weekend trip to Chicago. Business trips are expected to be the Toyota manufacturing plant in Georgetown, KY, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in Chicago, IL. Miami students are eligible for study in Vienna as part of a agreement initiated by Ambassador John Dolibois. Daniel Meyers, the Director of the Interactive Language Resource Center, will be acting as the main coordinator of this year's program. For more information and to see who has participated in the program in past years, please visit


Ty Gilligan (German 2011) began graduate work in Political Science at Miami University, and continues to write editorials for the Miami Student.

Cristina Rue (German 2011) is pursuing graduate studies at Georgetown University and enjoying Washington, DC; most recently, she has become an associate at Chlopak, Leonard, Schechter & Associates.

Chrstine Zielke (German, Chinese 2011) begins her Peace Corps work in Botswania beginning April, 2012, where she will work on AIDS/HIV projects. An earlier assignment was cancelled by the Peace Corps due to increased violence in the country.

GREAL Merger! Jessica Palmer (Japanese major 2011) and Sean Taylor (Japanese minor 2011) are getting married in May.

Elizabeth Garrett (German 2010) is in the University of Michigan Graduate School of Information Program (M.A.).

Julia Hahn (German 2009) has been accepted to medical school at the Universitat Tubingen (Germany), following graduate work in Munich.

Laura Bolling (Japanese and German major 2008) gave a talk in GREAL titled "Advice From An Alum: What I Learned From Getting My M.A. In East Asian Studies at the Ohio State University" in March 2012.

Alexander Hess (German 2008) is completing law studies at Tulane University, and has been offered a JAG Corps position with the US Army.

Meredith Leland Theelan (German 2000) lives and works in The Netherlands.

Natalie Brooke Soto (German 1999) teaches German and Spanish, and is pursuing graduate work in English.

Jeffrey Holbrock (German 1994) is pursuing graduate work in International Studies.

Constance Ditzel (German 1975) is Senior Editor (acquisitions) for Music at Routledge Press in New York. Following graduation, Constance worked in Munich for three years. She last visited Oxford in 2010.

Let us know what you are doing, and please include your year of graduation. Send your news to


Elizabeth Bergman was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. GREAL's first Arabic minors graduate this May (seep. 2).

Todd Cesaratto, VAP, has signed an advanced contract on his book (Northwestern UP), Achilles' Line: "Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften, "Robert Musil, Nik/as Luhmann and Mad Men; Todd was also a runner-up for Miami University's Faculty Diversity Award

Vitaly Chernetzky gave the keynote at the conference "Discourse across Borders: Slavic Studies from Kievan Rus to Present Day," U. ofIL/ Urbana-Champaign, in March he served on the jury of the international contest of film scripts commemorating the 2014 bicentennial of Ukraine's national poet, Taras Shevchenko, and presented a paper at the conference "Suffering, Agency, and Memory in Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian Films," U. of Groningen (NL). In May, he travels to France and Germany to prepare the study tour that will be part of a course at MUDEC in spring 2013.

Mila Ganeva returns after spending the academic year on sabbatical.

John M. Jeep's term as Interim Director of lnternational Studies concludes in May. Seventeen students enrolled for the Intensive German Summer Program in Heidelberg, Jena, Dessau, and Berlin.

Noriko Reider served as a judge for Japan-America Society of Central Ohio Japanese Language Speech Contest (high school and college students) in March, and published an article titled "Hanayo no hime," or "Blossom Princess" A Late Medieval Japanese Stepdaughter Story and Provincial Customs," in Asian Ethnology 70 (2011 ).

Lalita Saytal commemorates the 40th anniversary of her graduation from Miami with an M.T.A. She will be attending Miami's Learning Technology Summer Institute, volunteering for the World Choir Games in Cincinnati in July, and travelling.

Liang Shi conducts the 6th Miami Summer Intensive Chinese Program in Tianjin this summer.

Benjamin Sutcliffe continues work on a co-authored monograph on the contemporary Russian author Liudmila Ulitskaia.

Nicole Thesz goes on sabbatical for the 2012-13 academic year, to finish her book on Giinter Grass.

Former Colleagues

Ruth Sanders attended this year's GREAL Awards ceremony, presenting copies of her book, German: Biography of a Language (Oxford UP) to graduates.

Peter Carels continues teaching and performing on his many drums.