Virginia Cooper

Name: Virginia Cooper
Graduation Year: 1994
Major: German

I graduated from Miami University with a B.A. in German in 1994 and have since become a professional translator. My journey was long, twisted and arduous in many ways but I have always returned to my love of learning foreign languages and the German language. My advice to undergraduate foreign language majors at M.U. as well as to graduate students is to follow your heart wherever it may take you. Your path may not always be clear but do not despair. There is no one formula to success and only you will know what is right for you at any given moment, so pay attention. Following one's passions will eventually pay off in many ways.  As a translator, I am now able to combine all of my knowledge of various interests with my love of German. There are rarely days when I'm bored with my work since I'm always researching terminology in various subject matters and learning about many different things in the process. Happy journeys!