Julia Hahn

Name: Julia Hahn
Graduation Year: 2009
Majors: Biochemistry and German

Miami University created the perfect environment to pursue my passion for both foreign language and biochemical science. I graduated from Miami University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in German; this exact combination proved to be essential in the events following graduation. However, before I share my post-graduation story, I would like to highlight a few important points about Miami’s GREAL Department.

Miami’s GREAL Department will not only challenge you but encourage you to go beyond coursework to reach fluency in your chosen foreign language. I not only took extensive coursework in German but also Beginner’s Russian; these courses provide organized and helpful ways to learn. The professors not only make time to meet with you individually with any concerns, but will gladly discuss your progress and inform you on campus international activities as well as study abroad programs.

For example, Dr. Ruth Sanders introduced me to a study abroad program called, “Junior Year in Munich (JYM)”—a one-year program that places Advanced German students till this day in Munich, Germany, to attend a German university and to truly conquer the language and integrate yourself into the culture.

Attending the JYM program through Miami University was a powerful positive changing point in my life and one that would open numerous opportunities in the future. While living in beautiful Bavaria, I was a student in all parts of life—adapting to a city in a new country, studying in a different university system and immersing myself into the culture. I loved it! My language ability sky-rocketed and I even took science courses and landed an internship at the Max-Planck Institute, where I worked with an international team and spoke in German.

After graduation I returned to Munich to attend a fully-paid summer Nanoscience Program (NIM) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and by the following semester was admitted to the Biochemistry Master’s program at the Ludwig-Maximilian Universität (LMU). In addition, I worked at the Fraunhofer Institute as a student assistant in a fascinating tumor-therapy project.

Recently, I decided to pursue my life-long dream of becoming a medical doctor. In January 2012, I was accepted as 1 of the 7 non-EU students to attend the prestigious University of Tübingen Medical School. My medical education in Tübingen will not only be top tier but tuition-free.

I look forward to this new chapter of my life and am extremely grateful to all of my mentors and friends at Miami University as well as at the Junior Year in Munich Program for their support and encouragement through the years.

Prospective Students, Miami University will help you achieve the unthinkable!