Maura Wenk

Studying German at Miami has opened up countless opportunities for me after graduation and shaped my aspirations for the future. I began my career at Miami University with no intention of earning a degree in German. However, I decided that I wanted to continue improving the basic German skills I'd gained in high school. Well, what began as one German class my freshman year, eventually turned into a summer German study abroad trip my sophomore year, which then turned into a German minor my junior year, which then turned into the German major that I earned alongside two other degrees my senior year. All of this was thanks to the encouraging faculty in the German department and the unforgettable experience I had studying abroad. The chance to immerse myself in the German language through a summer program and the encouraging voice of a professor challenging me to take my German skills to the next level, helped me reach my full potential and fostered my interest in working abroad. I'm now just completing a transformative year of teaching English in Austrian schools as a native speaker and have used my German to connect with new friends in the community of Hartberg, Steiermark! Who knows what opportunities abroad my German language will bring next?