Study Abroad Opportunities in German

Reichstag in Berlin Reichstag in Berlin
 Bern Clock Tower  Bern Clock Tower
 Brandenburg Gate in Berlin  Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
 Hanover Castle  Hanover Castle
 Heidelberg Bridge Over the Neckar  Heidelberg Bridge Over the Neckar
Heidelberg Castle Heidelberg Castle
 Köln Cityscape  Köln Cityscape
 Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber  Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber
 Salzburg Cityscape  Salzburg Cityscape
 Viennese Ball  Viennese Ball

Miami University's Office of Global Initiatives is the central point-of-contact to find out about various programs for learning your language in an international setting.  There are six main types of study abroad at Miami:

  • Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs - Department faculty lead students and teach Miami courses
  • Farmer School of Business International Programs - Business programs let by Faculty in the Farmer School of Business
  • Miami University's Dolibois European Center in Luxembourg -– Miami courses taught at Miami's Luxembourg campus
  • Exchange Programs - Programs with other universities where you can directly enroll in classes at the partner institution but pay your regular Miami tuition and fees.
  • Co-Sponsored Programs - Programs offered in collaboration with other universities or providers that charge Miami tuition and fees. 
  • Approved Programs - Program where academic credit can be transferred to Miami, Miami scholarships and awards cannot be used on Approved Programs.

Please refer to the Office of Education Abroad’s Website for the latest program and exchange opportunities.

Intensive German Summer in Heidelberg, Jena, Dessau & Berlin

The exhilaration of total immersion in a foreign language is combined in this seven-week program with the thrill of living and traveling in Europe. The intensive workshop is designed to give students the opportunity to complete one full year of college German at the intermediate (200) or the advanced (300) level.

Miami in Munich

Junior year at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany, at the oldest junior year abroad program in Germany, re-started postwar by Wayne State University in 1953. An academic year in Munich is available at Miami in Munich, a cooperative program between Miami and Wayne State University in Michigan. You will be matriculated at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, and have the assistance of the tutorial and administrative staff of the Junior Year in Munich on-site. The first semester runs from October until March, the second semester from April until July. All instruction is in German; completion of GER 202 or the equivalent is required for admission. Scholarships are available from the Junior Year in Munich JYM program; need-based assistance for air travel to Munich available from Miami University. For information on transfer credit to Miami, see the German Chief Departmental Advisor.

Studying in Luxembourg

One or two Miami semesters may be elected at Miami's Luxembourg Center, where students live with Luxembourg families, either German-speaking or French-speaking. The curriculum consists of courses selected from the Oxford offerings as well as those developed especially for the Luxembourg campus. All non-language coursework is done in English.

Vienna University for Economics and Business

One semester of study in Vienna is available to business students and CAS Economics sudents under an agreement between the Farmer School of Business and the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Although German language ability is not required for all courses of study, German language courses are offered at WU; scholarships are available. For information contact Jenni Kim in the Farmer School of Business.