Organizations, Activities, and Extracurriculars

Hokkaido Flower Fields Hokkaido Flower Fields
 Kazuhiko Komatsu and Noriko Reider  Kazuhiko Komatsu and Noriko Reider
Lantern Lit Path in Kyoto Lantern Lit Path in Kyoto
 Mount Fuji with Cherry Blossems  Mount Fuji with Cherry Blossems
 Okinawa Five Castles  Okinawa Five Castles
 Japanese Onsen  Japanese Onsen
Fortress in Osaka Fortress in Osaka
Shinto Gate Shinto Gate
 Taiko Drummers  Taiko Drummers
 Downtown Tokyo at Night  Downtown Tokyo at Night
 Japanese Wave Pixel Art  Japanese Wave Pixel Art

Please Note: All organizations, activities, and extracurriculars are run by students and are listed here as a courtesy. The Department of German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Langauges and Cultures does not necessarily endorse the organizations, activities, and extracurriculars below:

M.U. Anime - To share the excitement of animation with fellow enthusiasts and those interested in knowing more about it.

Asian American Association (AAA) - AAA at Miami University is one of the largest multicultural organizations on campus. We aim to promote and provide cultural awareness through bi-weekly meetings, special events, and service projects. Feel free to stop by one of our general body meetings.

Japanese Culture and Language Club (JCLC) - The Japanese Culture and Language Club (JCLC) of Miami University is a student organization that promotes knowledge and understanding of the Japanese culture on campus as well as in the surrounding communities.

Japanese Language Table

Japanese Language Table Logo

Japanese Language Table

From February 14 through May 16, 2020
Fridays 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Upham Hall 229

Improve your Japanese skills through playing games, watching videos, doing activites and speaking with native Japanese speakers by coming to JLT!
All Levels are welcome!

For more information, visit out Facebook page at,

or email Dr. Kauze Harada at