Study Abroad Opportunities in Korean

Korean Artist Kyungah Ham Korean Artist Kyungah Ham
 A Samgwangsa in Busen  A Samgwangsa in Busen
 Busan Subway Map  Busan Subway Map
 Hangul Scroll  Hangul Scroll
Clay Pots Used For Kimchi Clay Pots Used For Kimchi
K-Pop Band Members K-Pop Band Members
Seoul Cityscape Seoul Cityscape
 Shrine in Seoul  Shrine in Seoul
 Side Dishes in Korean Cuisine  Side Dishes in Korean Cuisine
 Women Wearing Traditional Korean Dresses  Women Wearing Traditional Korean Dresses

Miami University's Office of Global Initiatives is the central point-of-contact to find out about various programs for learning your language in an international setting.  There are six main types of study abroad at Miami:

  • Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs - Department faculty lead students and teach Miami courses
  • Farmer School of Business International Programs - Business programs let by Faculty in the Farmer School of Business
  • Miami University's Dolibois European Center in Luxembourg -– Miami courses taught at Miami's Luxembourg campus
  • Exchange Programs - Programs with other universities where you can directly enroll in classes at the partner institution but pay your regular Miami tuition and fees.
  • Co-Sponsored Programs - Programs offered in collaboration with other universities or providers that charge Miami tuition and fees. 
  • Approved Programs - Program where academic credit can be transferred to Miami, Miami scholarships and awards cannot be used on Approved Programs.

Please refer to the Office of Education Abroad’s Website for the latest program and exchange opportunities.