German Capstone Class Project

Dr. Stephan SchlickauDr. John M. Jeep and his German Capstone (GER 471) students have, for the tenth year running, conducted a video conference with Prof. Stephan Schlickau and his Master level Intercultural Communications (IKK) students in Hildesheim, Germany. Topics we discussed include multilingualism, cultural competence, education in both countries, as well as current events such as elections, Covid-19, and employment perspectives. These conferences continue collaboration that began with Prof. emer. Ruth H. Sanders in the 2000s. Dr. Jeep visited Prof. Schlickau in December 2018, where he gave a paper on Martin Luther and his use of alliterating word-pairs in his translation of the New Testament, and familiarized himself with the IKK program. Dr Jeep's research on the history of the alliterating word-pair in German (over 1,500 attestations in total through the MIddle High German period) beginning with texts from the 8th century, now includes publications – some 20 articles and three monographs – on works reaching into the second half of the 13th century, and beyond.