The Marion Lee Miller Scholarship

The Marion Lee Miller Scholarship fund was established in memory of Dr. Marion Lee Miller who was a professor of German for over twenty-five years at Miami. This endowment fund was set up for students majoring in one of the foreign languages in the Dept. of GRAMELAC (EALC, German, and REEES) to support various foreign language endeavors.

The department is accepting applications that will be awarded for the winter (202215) and spring (202220) semesters.  Applications are due October 1 for a one-time round of scholarships for GRAMELAC majors in the amount of up to $1,000 to assist with tuition costs. A Faculty Award Committee will select the recipients and determine the amount of each scholarship based on merit and financial need. The minimum GPA in the major for this award is 3.00.

Please fill out the application completely. Incomplete applications will be considered invalid and removed from the pool.