Intensive Japanese Summer in Tokyo

Photo of Tokyo's skyline

May 22 - July 02, 2023


While you have a total immersion in a foreign language and culture in Tokyo, you will attend the last three-week phase of the six-week program accompanied by the thrill of living in Tokyo and traveling to Kyoto. The intensive six-week Japanese program (the initial three-week online phase followed by the three-week stay in Tokyo and Kyoto) is designed to give students the opportunity to complete one full year of college Japanese at the 200-level sequence (JPN201/202) or the 300-level (JPN301-302) in six weeks. Students completing in the 200-level sequence are prepared to enter the 300-level course for the fall semester, and those completing the 300-level to take the 400-level course.

This program fulfills the Miami Plan Global Perspectives requirements. It also gives you a chance to speed up your Thematic Sequences for the Japanese major/minor. The program would prepare you academically and culturally for potential and future study in the Japanese-speaking world.


Any student who meets the Global Initiative’s eligibility qualifications, will have successfully completed the first-year Japanese courses at Miami University, or equivalent, and have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 can apply for the 200-level sequence of the program. A student who will have successfully completed the second year, or equivalent, can proceed with a 300-level sequence.


Tokyo TowerEach sequence offered carries six credit hours. In the 200-level sequence, students will complete basic Japanese grammar and sentence patterns, read and comprehend elementary as well as intermediate texts. They will also write an 800-word essay in Japanese using approximately 200 to 320 kanji. In the 300-level sequence, students will learn how to apply their fundamental grammatical knowledge and conversational skills of Japanese. They will read and analyze intermediate texts, and also write a 1200-word essay in Japanese with the use of intermediate grammar and approximately 500-700 kanji. Classes are offered Mondays through Thursdays at a school facility. One weekend is spent for an excursion trip to major sightseeing location, and all other weekends are free for students to explore as they wish.


The courses are team-directed and taught by Dr. Tomoyuki Yabe and Ms. Ayako Reiff.

Dr. Tomoyuki Yabe    Ms. Ayako H. Reiff


Students will study and live in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Tokyo is a center of everything – politics, economy, culture, etc. Staying there for 3 weeks will provide students with various exciting and memorable cultural ex-changes.


Single occupancy housing at long-term stay hostels will be provided for students in the Tokyo metropolitan area. For the overnight and weekend excursion,  shared occupancy housing (2-3 students per room) in centrally located budget hotels (2-3 star) will be provided. Breakfast will be provided daily at the weekend excursion location. Welcome and farewell dinners are also included.


Mt. FujiThe projected cost – based on current fees and exchanges rates, subject to revision, - for this six-week program, including tuition and academic fees plus accommodation in Tokyo, and all program-related expenses, such as admissions and transportation for excursion trips, is as follows: Ohio residents about $6,100 / non-Ohio residents about $8,600. Each participant is responsible for transportation to/from home. Daily meals and incidental expenses are not included and are thus the responsibility of the student. Insurance (about $100) is required by Miami University for all study abroad participants. All of these anticipated personal expenses will be about $2,200.


A few modest scholarships for international workshop participants enrolled at Miami University are available.  Scholarship application forms may   be secured from the Study Abroad Office and are due mid-February.

The Department of GRAMEALAC (172 Irvin Hall) awards a few study abroad scholarships as well. The Japan Exploration and Engagement fund was set up by a Miami alum and is to assist students who attend this program with the high cost of airfare. To be considered for this scholarship, fill out the online application by April 1, 2023. The scholarship form is available on the GRAMELAC website under the “Scholarships and Awards” tab.

For other financial aid opportunities, inquire at the Office of Student Financial Aid located in Nellie Craig Walker Hall.


The application period is open until March 1, 2023. Admission to the program is possible following acceptance and payment of a $500 deposit (nonrefundable) no later than March 1, 2023. The balance – program fees and summer tuition – will be added to your Bursar bill and is due no later than April 1, 2023 payable to Miami University with e-check, or credit card. Any possible difference created by the final budget will be returned to the participants’ Bursar account.


The link to the application is available on the Education Abroad website.


Additional information may also be obtained from:

Dr. Tomoyuki Yabe, Assistant Teaching Professor of Japanese
Dept. of German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Language and Cultures
400 E. Spring Street, 140 Irvin Hall, Oxford, OH 45056
P: 513-529-2526 or 513-529-3367 | Fax: 513-529-2296 | E:


Ms. Ayako Reiff, Assistant Lecturer of Japanese
Dept. of German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Language and Cultures
400 E. Spring Street, 164 Irvin Hall, Oxford, OH 45056
P: 513-529-2526 or 513-529-0516 | Fax: 513-529-2296 | E: