Dr. Steven L. Tuck


Professor Steven L. Tuck

+1 513-529-9718
Upham Hall, 276 Oxford, OH 45056


  • Ohio State University, A.E. Gordon Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Latin Epigraphy
  • University of Michigan, PhD, Classical Art and Archaeology
  • University of Missouri-Columbia, Art History and Archaeology
  • Indiana University, BA, Classics and History


  • Roman Art and Archaeology
  • Ancient Campania and the city of Pompeii
  • Roman Spectacle, Natural Disasters, and Imperial Government


  • Age of Augustus
  • Classical Mythology
  • Greek and Roman Historians
  • Greek and Roman Architecture
  • Greek and Roman Cities
  • Greek and Roman Sculpture
  • Greek and Roman Decorative Arts
  • Greek and Roman Painting & Mosaics
  • Imperial Historians and their Sources
  • Latin Epigraphy
  • Roman Spectacle
  • Roman Civilization


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  • Humanities Center Grant, Symposium Support Miami University 2019
  • Research Apprenticeship Award Humanities Center, Miami University 2019-20
  • Summer Research Appointment Miami University 2016
  • Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, Archaeological Institute of America, 2014
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities 2013
  • E. Phillips Knox Teaching Award, Miami University, 2012
  • Outstanding Professor Award, Miami University, 2007, 08, 09
  • Distinguished Scholar Award, Miami University, 2005


  • Gods and Mortals in Ancient Mediterranean Art:
  • Ancient Sculpture from the Pyramid Hill Collection In production April 2020
  • A History of Roman Art 2nd Wiley-Blackwell Submitted Dec. 2019
  • “Terrae Motu Conlapsum: Subverting Imperial Responsibility in an Earthquake Rebuilding Inscription at Pompeii?” Submitted to Classical Journal May 2020
  • “Prometheus at Pompeii” Submitted to Rivista di Studi Pompeiani April 2020
  • “Refugees and the Eruption of AD 79”

Submitted to The Oxford Handbook of Pompeii and environs Jan 2020