Additional Funding Available to Graduate Students

Summer Assistantships
Summer Graduate Scholarships are available to students who were regular Graduate Assistants during the preceding academic year.  Students must meet a number of academic requirements and have registered on time throughout the year.  Summer Graduate Scholarships pay a stipend and include remission of all fees except a part of the general fee.  Eligible Graduate Assistants in the Department of History will be recommended for summer funding when, in the assessment of the DGS in consultation with their advisor, the individual is making adequate progress on the thesis/project or examination topic.  In order to receive a summer scholarship, students must be registered for summer course hours by May 1st.  Apply through the Graduate School.  No duties beyond registered course work under the supervision of a faculty  member are required in the summer terms.

Departmental Funds
The department and Graduate School provide funds to support graduate education. The department maintains a fund to help graduate students attend conferences or travel for their research. Applications are accepted for use of these funds twice a year, once in autumn and once in spring semester. To apply, submit a proposal to the DGS, with the approval of the advisor, an explanation of the purpose of the travel and how it relates to the degree program, a projected budget, indication of any other funds received or applied for, and (for conferences) proof that the paper, poster, or panel has been accepted for presentation.  The GSC makes awards based on the merit of the applications and the availability of funds.  Deadlines for departmental funding requests are September 15th and February 15th.

Funds from the department for travel do not normally exceed: $150 for local or graduate student conference presentation; $300 for other conference presentations in the U.S.; $500 for international conference presentation; $150 for local research; $300 for research elsewhere in the U.S.; $500 for research outside the U.S. Money is not generally available to attend conferences when the student does not give a presentation.

Once the department has approved an application, the student may apply for additional funds from the Graduate School and the Graduate Student Association.

Graduate School and Graduate Student Association Travel Funds
The Graduate School Travel Fund and the Graduate Student Association Travel Fund provide financial support to students who are presenting a paper, poster, or panel at an academic conference.  To qualify for funds, students must show proof that their paper, poster, or panel has been accepted for presentation and they must receive funding from their home department.  Applications to the two funds (individually or in combination) are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed once a month.  Applications must be submitted within 60 days of travel to be considered for funding.  Individuals may request Graduate School funding once a year, and GSA funding twice a year.  The application is on the Graduate School's website, Student Resources, Forms and Publications.  (NOTE:  Graduate students in the department are eligible for these funds only if the department's student representatives consistently attend Graduate Student Association meetings.)

Graduate Achievement Fund
The Graduate School administers a fund used to recognize significant achievement in any research or creative activity that has been recognized by some external (to the home department) organization.  Awards do not normally exceed $300.  Deadlines and application procedures are on the Graduate School's website, Student Resources, Forms and Publications.

Graduate School Research Support
The Graduate School will entertain requests for unusual expenses associated with a student's research for the master's degree.  There is no application form; students must briefly describe their research project and explain why these expenses are necessary.  A tentative budget must be included.  Students also must have the endorsement of their adviser or the DGS; endorsement should be included with the request for funding.  Awards will not exceed $300 for master's students, and will often be less, depending on the demand.  Deadlines to apply for this award are around November 1 and April 1 of each academic year.  See the Graduate School's website, Student Resources, Tuition and Funding, Financial Awards.

Center for Teaching Excellence (CELTUA)
The Center offers programs to enhance the effectiveness of graduate students as teachers, including the Graduate Student Teaching Enhancement Program (GSTEP) and the Certificate in College Teaching.  See their website for information.