Graduate Studies Committee

The graduate program in History is administered by the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), who chairs the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) and implements the policies adopted by the History Department, the GSC, and the Graduate School.  The DGS and faculty members of the GSC are appointed by the department Chair in consultation with the department Advisory Committee.  In addition, two graduate student representatives also serve on the GSC.  The resident graduate students elect representatives, one from each year/class, at the start of each academic year.  The graduate student representatives participate in GSC meetings, and must also consistently attend meetings of the university Graduate Student Association in order for students in the department to be eligible for GSA travel funding.


  • Convenes meetings of the GSC
  • Supervises students pursuing graduate degrees of the department
  • Approves and registers topics or subjects of all MA theses
  • Reports to the department at least once each semester at a regularly scheduled department meeting


  • Meets when necessary to consider matters that fall under its charge; meetings are to be preceded by an agenda and minutes filed.
  • Drafts and recommends to the department (or that part of the department designated by the Graduate School) rules, regulations, and procedures for the graduate program.
  • Passes on all graduate level courses and recommends course and curriculum programs and requirements to the department.
  • Has charge of graduate student recruitment.
  • Screens applications for admission to graduate study.
  • Receives applications for graduate assistantships, scholarships, and other grants and appointments to assist graduate students in history, and selects and recommends the recipients of such grants and appointments to the department Chair.
  • Conducts graduate program assessment.
  • Has charge of placement and career development activities for graduate students.