Calculus Book Information

Spring 2020, MTH 151, 251, 252 in Oxford

Oxford Calculus courses are participating in the “Miami UBooks” program. Miami UBooks are electronic textbooks and course materials that are offered through a digital platform (called Unizin Engage) that is integrated into the course’s Canvas site.

These materials are provided at substantial discounts off the retail cost of printed textbooks. The Miami UBooks platform allows you to annotate the course materials, highlighting and adding comments to important text, and you can interact with the texts across multiple devices – laptops, tablets, and smartphones – both on and off-line. You will access to the course materials on the first day of class.

More information about how to access and use Miami UBooks can be found at this website.

Key Information

You will be billed for the Miami UBook materials on your Bursar bill. Charges will be added on February 3, 2020.

If you already purchased access via Cengage Unlimited and do not wish to purchase the Miami UBook
for this class, you may opt out of this feature by completing the online form by 5:00 pm on January 31, 2020.

If you wish to rent or buy a hard copy of the text, please see the information at the bottom of this page.


The information below is still relevant for Hamilton and Middletown during Spring 2020.

Main Points

  • Miami's Calculus textbook is Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 8th Edition by James Stewart (Stewart 8e for short), published by Cengage.
  • You only need to purchase one of the following options for a specific semester. If you will only be taking MTH 151, then Options 1 or 3 will be the most economical. However, if you will be taking multiple semesters of Calculus at Miami, you should purchase Option 2. If you have multiple courses, even in other departments, using a Cengage book this semester, you should also consider Option 2.
  • MTH 151: WebAssign online homework and eBook is required for MTH 151
  • MTH 249, 251, 252: WebAssign and eBook may be required for MTH 249, 251, 252 at the instructor's discretion.
  • One code gives access to both WebAssign and the eBook. It is not possible to get a code just for one or the other.
  • All buying options sold locally include WebAssign and eBook. If you purchase from an online seller, then it is your responsibility to make certain you have the correct book and have WebAssign access (if required).
  • Codes should be purchased at local bookstores or direct from the publisher. See below for Where to Buy. Codes purchased elsewhere may or may not work.
  • Students have free access for two weeks without a code.


Cengage Unlimited (Option 2)

  • Cengage Unlimited is a digital subscription, giving you access to any of the Cengage eBooks and WebAssign online homework used in your courses.
  • One price works for multiple courses in the same semester. For example, if you take MTH 151 and CSE 148 this semester, you only need one subscription.
  • You only need a One Semester (4 month) subscription for your entire Calculus sequence. The subscription will carry over to future semesters of Calculus at no additional cost. (The name is misleading, but the 4 month works because Stewart 8e is used for all Calculus courses. You will need to resubscribe if you have non-Calculus courses in future semesters that use Cengage Unlimited.)
  • There are three subscription options available: one semester (4 months), 12 month, and 24 month. Only buy the 12 or 24 month if you expect to take a non-Calculus Cengage Unlimited course in a future semester.
  • Hard copies can be rented for a small fee. Purchase options are also available.
  • See Cengage Unlimited for more details. See the Where to Buy links below for pricing.


Purchase Option



1. Single Term WebAssign & eBook code (no hard copy)

MTH 151, 249, 251, 252

Ch 1-16

2. Cengage Unlimited (WebAssign & eBook included, hard copy for rent)

MTH 151, 249, 251, 252

Ch 1-16

3. Loose leaf MTH 151 Custom Bundle, includes Single Term code

MTH 151

Ch 1-6


Warning: Options may be in a different order with different names on a bookstore website. Look for these keywords.
Option 1 - Enhanced WebAssign without other keywords of Option 3.
Option 2 - Cengage Unlimited
Option 3 - Bundle or Custom or MTH 151


Options by Course

  • MTH 151 with no future Calculus - Options 1 or 3 are least expensive, though any option works. The codes in Options 1 and 3 will only work for one semester. You will not be able to access the eBook or WebAssign in future semesters.
  • MTH 151 with more Calculus in the future - Option 2. The purchase of one semester of Cengage Unlimited will work for multiple terms with Stewart 8e. If you are concerned that you may need to retake MTH 151 due to withdrawal or insufficient grade, then Option 2 is also for you.
  • MTH 249, 251, 252 - Options 1 or 2. The code in Option 1 will only work for one semester. You will not be able to access the eBook or WebAssign in future semesters if you choose Option 1. The purchase of one semester of Cengage Unlimited will work for multiple terms with Stewart 8e.


Where to Buy - prices may differ, so explore the links for the best prices


Buying Elsewhere


If you choose to buy a hard copy of Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 8th Edition by James Stewart from another seller, you should know which chapters are covered in each course. As mentioned above, WebAssign codes purchased elsewhere might not work with Miami's system.




MTH 151

Minimal Review 1, Cover 2-6

MTH 249

Review 1-6, Cover 7-11

MTH 251

Minimal Review 5-6, Cover 7-11

MTH 252

Cover 12-16