M.S. in Mathematics Degree Requirements


Master of Science in Mathematics

The required courses in this program include a selection in both pure and applicable mathematics.  The program can provide suitable background for further graduate study in the mathematical sciences or for a career in education, business, industry, or public service.  Each program must be approved by the Graduate Committee before the end of the student's first year of graduate study.

    • Total Hours:  32 hours.  Up to 6 hours of the 32 may come from non-MTH courses, subject to the approval of the  Graduate Committee.  (Independent study hours do not count toward the 32 hours.)
    • Required Courses:
      • MTH 541: Real Analysis.
      • MTH 591: Introduction to Topology.
      • MTH 621: Abstract Algebra I.
      • MTH 641: Functions of a Real Variable.
    • Three courses from
      • MTH 632: Advanced Optimization.
      • MTH 638: Advanced Graph Theory.
      • MTH 655: Advanced Differential Equations.
      • MTH 691: Introduction to Algebraic Topology.
    • Additional 500- or 600- level MTH courses totaling at least 32 hours
  • GPA:  3.00 GPA overall, in all courses in the approved program, and in all other  MTH courses except those which cannot count towards the degree.
  • Final Masters Project or Thesis (the thesis option requires a 6 credit hour
    thesis (MTH 700) in addition to the 32 hours.)
  • Final Oral Exam: Presentation of Final Project or Thesis.

Master of Arts in Teaching in Mathematics (Summer Only)

This degree is designed to strengthen and broaden the mathematical training of secondary school teachers.  A person who selects this program must have previously obtained teacher certification in mathematics. This coursework is offered in a three-year, summer rotation.

  • Total Hours: 30 hours
  • Required Courses:
    • MTH 508: Mathematical Problem Solving with Technology
    • MTH 604: Discrete Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers
    • MTH 605: Calculus for Secondary School Teachers
    • MTH 606: Geometry for Secondary School Teachers
    • MTH 607: Algebra for Secondary School Teachers
    • MTH 609: Data Analysis and Inference for Secondary School Teachers
    • EDT 663: Advanced Methods for AYA Mathematics
    • MTH 689: Research in Mathematics Education; and
    • Two electives courses selected to improve the candidate's ability to teach mathematics.
  • GPA: 3.00 GPA overall and in required EDT, MTH and STA courses except those which cannot count towards the degree.