Graduate Student Seminars

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 Psychrophilic algae
 Broth cultures
 A gloved hand reaches toward the incinerator, labeled 'Caution Hot'
Fluorescent bacteria
 Microbes infecting cells
 Fluorescent viruses
 Antarctic research
Goldwater scholar at work in the lab

MBI 690 Seminars
Fall  2022

Pearson Hall Room 218
Mondays @ 4:15 pm

September 26

Sabita Ghimire
Ecophysiological characterization of ammonia-oxidizers

October 3

Aminul Islam
Understanding Acinetobacter baumannii-host interactions using mouse pneumonia model

October 10

Madisen Kimbrel
Stressful times require help from heterotrophic friends

October 24

Malory Wolfe
FCRL1: A Potential Regulator of Adaptive Immunity

October 31

Kristina Gara
P1 Protein Interactions in the Mycoplasma pneumoniae Attachment Organelle Interior

November 7

Shaun Jiang
Realizing Robust Photosynthesis through Accelerated Evolution

November 14

Nowshin Islam
A light-driven microbial consortium for direct CO2 to terpene production

November 21

No Seminar

November 28

No Seminar

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