Microbiology Seminar Series

Culture plates
 Psychrophilic algae
 Broth cultures
 A gloved hand reaches toward the incinerator, labeled 'Caution Hot'
Fluorescent bacteria
 Microbes infecting cells
 Fluorescent viruses
 Antarctic research
Goldwater scholar at work in the lab

Microbiology Seminars
Fall 2022

Pearson Hall Room 218
Wednesdays@4:15 pm

August 31

No Seminar

September 7

No Seminar

September 14

Thomas Rothstein,MD.PhD
Western Michigan University
Human B1 Cells and Natural Antibodies in Health and Disease

September 21

No Seminar

September 28

No Seminar

October 5

No Seminar

October 12

Rachael Morgan-Kiss, PhD
Miami University
Let's go to Antarctica!

October 17, Monday;  11:00am via Zoom

Sebastian Luecker, PhD
Radbound University, Nijimegen, The Netherlands
The 3 Ds of comammox research – Discovery, physiological Diversity and novel Detection tools

October 19

Seth Bordenstein, PhD - Bhattacharjee Lecturer
Pennsylvania University
The Human Microbiome Sciences ignore Diversity

October 26

No Seminar

November 2

Hans Wildschutte, PhD
Bowling Green State University
Drugs not bugs: applications to inhibit multi-drug resistant pathogens

November 9

Maureen Coleman, PhD
University of Chicago
Illuminating the shadows of microbial diversity in the Laurentian Great Lakes

November 16

Rock Mancini, PhD
Miami University
Drugging the Innate Immune Response with Smart Immunomodulators

November 23- Thanksgiving

No Seminar

November 30

Robert M. Blumenthal, PhD- Distinguished Lecturer
Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
University of Toledo College of Medicine
Context for Bacterial Defense Systems: Regulation, Biochemistry, and Roles








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