Internships in Microbiology

Students wearing protective gear work in lab. One student holds up a specimen
Students presenting a poster
Exterior of Pearson Hall
Students listen as a professor lectures in the classroom
Microscope stage
A gloved hand is seen performing streaking tasks
A gloved hand is seen performing gram stain tasks
Gloved hands identify unknowns
Students bend over microscopes to view specimens

Looking for an internship? Be sure to check out the resources available at Miami University Center for Career Exploration and Success.

Other sources of internship information include these sites:

Staying on campus this summer? Interested in a research internship?  Explore these opportunities.

  • Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program (USS)
    A nine-week summer program, USS enables sophomores and juniors to do research or other creative activities in the summer with the supervision of an individual faculty mentor.
  • Howard Hughes Summer Internships (HHSI)
    These 10-week science-focused internships, administered by the Departments of Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, and Microbiology, provide an extended summer research opportunity under the supervision of an individual faculty mentor.

Consider this...

Mentoring USS student

Summer internships are ideal for exploring career and graduate school options, building work-related skills, networking with other microbiologists, and becoming more marketable for your future job search.