Conditional Admission

Four students in lab garb work while one of them holds up a specimen
Presenting research
Exterior of Pearson Hall
Identifying unknowns
Microbes on stage
 Streaking in the lab
Gram staining done with gloves
Students and faculty in classroom
Students look into a microscope and view specimens

International applicants with a TOEFL score between 65 and 79 or an IELTS score of 5.5 or 6.0 may apply for conditional admission. To be considered for conditional admission to the Microbiology Graduate Program, you must meet three criteria:

  1. You have identified a faculty sponsor in the Department of Microbiology who agrees that he or she will take you into their lab for your research upon full admission. You must contact a faculty member by email and get them to agree, and you must indicate this in your personal statement on your application.
  2. You must enroll in and pass the ACE-G program at Miami University successfully. Please see the American Culture and English Language Program for details about the ACE-G program. There is no waiver of tuition for the ACE-G program.
  3. You have agreed to any other requirements stipulated by the Admissions Committee in your specific case. For example, you might have to pass an interview upon passing the ACE-G program, or you might have to demonstrate knowledge in some area of microbiology.

If you pass the ACE-G program and meet other agreed requirements, you may enter the Microbiology Graduate Program.