The Department of Media, Journalism and Film gives students a one-stop spot to study all forms of media. The beauty of our department is its breadth of analytical and hands-on courses and opportunities. These help students think critically about the changing media world while producing cutting-edge work. We are a part of Miami’s College of Arts and Science.

  • MJF believes in educating students broadly as critical thinkers and capable writers, while also grounding them in cutting-edge media creative and production skills.
  • MJF offers undergraduate majors in Media and Communication (formerly Media & Culture), Journalism and Strategic Communication; and a co-major in Film Studies.
  • MJF teaches hands-on skills in TV and radio production, scriptwriting, multimedia reporting, public speaking and public relations.
  • MJF teaches students skills they can use off-campus to our study away programs in Hollywood, New York City, Washington, D.C.; as well as dozens of regional internships.
  • MJF facilities include a professional TV studio, radio studio, many computer labs, and the newest media equipment and production software.
  • MJF extra-curricular opportunities include a student-run TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines and journals each with their own high-tech facilities.