Robert Stowers

Visiting Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication

Robert Stowers

Robert (Bob) Stowers is a visiting assistant professor at Miami University. Stowers is teaching the strategic communication course principles of public speaking. While teaching public speaking, he encourages the student to focus on the message rather than on the self. He believes every student has the potential to overcome their apprehension toward public speaking, and strives to guide all students to be altogether effective in communicating.

Stowers earned his bachelor’s degree in English and his master’s degree in counseling from American International College. He earned his doctorate in strategies for writing assessment and improvement from Rutgers University.

Born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, Stowers started working at his father’s business at a young age. This instilled work ethic in him. He looks up to his mom and dad, blue collar workers and not formally educated, as being the epitome of hardworking. Stowers is the first in his family to achieve higher education in attending a university.

At Kent State University, he began working in college admissions, along with administrative work as Director of the Graduate School of Management. He taught managerial skills and communication to graduate business and executive students. At University of Akron, he taught business and professional speaking for undergraduates. He, then, began teaching communications at the business school.

Stowers has many aspirations. He is fascinated with weather and geography. Fond of sports, he has announced for university sporting events, including volleyball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse and gymnastics. Stowers has consulted with numerous organizations, including: NASA, the Virginia Beach Public Schools, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Riverside Health Systems, the Virginia Water Environment Association, and the Medical Society of Virginia.

Stowers has written and published a novel, “Lost in a Cornfield: Never Losing Faith,” based on the compelling experience of his beloved dog, Buddy, being lost for eight days in the Pennsylvania woods and cornfields. Through obstacles, the book highlights strategies to overcome significant personal or professional challenges, all from the perspective of Buddy.

Along with publishing many academic journals, Stowers is a columnist with the publication, Inside Business. In this, he has written about communication, leadership and business. He has conducted research in leadership techniques, writing improvement, effective presentation skills, strategies to teach more effectively and the coaching and mentoring process.

Serving on various committees, Stowers was program chair for the ABC National Conference in Portsmouth, Virginia, and was on the board of directors for the Association for Business Communication. He was an emeritus member of the Management Communication Association and served on the finance committee. Presently, he has an assignment with the AASCB Liaison Committee.

Last year, Stowers retired as a clinical professor of management and leadership communication at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business at The College of William and Mary.

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