Film Studies

Film studies is an interdisciplinary program that explores the interaction between film, culture and society. Film studies students at Miami engage in rigorous historical, aesthetic and theoretical analysis of films from a variety of genres, time periods and countries. Most classes are small (50 max) and writing intensive. Students also have the opportunity to take courses in film production, where they can write, shoot and edit their own short films.


In Journalism, the goal is to educate students broadly as capable writers and critical thinkers, while also grounding them in key news media practices, including basic and advanced reporting, interviewing, storytelling, and editing skills. Courses emphasize journalism's central role in American democracy.

Media & Communication

In the Media and Communication program, students examine how media products, industries, and technologies allow us to communicate and experience the world. The program allows students to focus on areas they are interested in.  They can learn how to make a short film or podcast; critique media messages that contribute to social inequalities; examine the role algorithms and data play in the world of advertising and our wider culture; investigate the ways media technologies shape our everyday lives; and/or go behind the scenes of various media industries.  By graduation, MAC students will gain the cultural competencies and media skills required to be successful media producers, ethical media consumers, and responsible media citizens.   

Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication is the study of how individuals and organizations use communication and media to negotiate their role in highly mediated societies. Public relations is a central aspect of strategic communication and involves the study of how organizations influence opinions and the behavior of key publics (e.g., employees, consumers, government, community, media) and how they try to respond and adapt to the concerns of these publics. The curriculum emphasizes an ethical approach to public relations and analyzes the impacts strategic communication practices have on societies.

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