MJF Faculty Produce Documentary About Muslims in the Midwest

Joe Sampson and Rosemary Pennington
Joe Sampson and Rosemary Pennington

An audio documentary by MJF Faculty members Rosemary Pennington and Joe Sampson titled "Being Muslim in the Midwest" was released by The Goethe Institute.

The project is part of the Goethe Institute's "Big Pond" year-long audio series, which features stories of interest to German and US audiences. It is being released to public radio station in both countries and is also available at the following link:

Thanks to those who participated in the project as well as Steve Beitzel for his audio engineering help.

Pennington and Sampson will be guests of WXVU's "Cincinnati Edition" next Tuesday April 23 to talk about the project. The program airs live at 12:06 pm EST and will be archived later the same day at