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Major Insight Episode 27 Balancing Athletics, Academics, and AI: From Tennis Courts to Computer Code
Featured Majors: Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering
MJF students win 19 awards in SPJ Mark of Excellence
Miami University students today picked up a record 10 first-place and nine finalist awards for 2020 journalism work entered in the prestigious Mark of Excellence competition. A total of 22 Miami students won recognition. The awards – presented by the Society of Professional Journalists during a Saturday virtual conference – put Miami at No. 2 in SPJ’s Region 4 for 2020 MOEs.
Miami alumni advise political science students on finding success on Capitol Hill
Three alumni from the Department of Political Science, on March 24 over Zoom, served as panelists to provide advice and insight to political science students about maximizing their time at Miami as well as how to join the Capitol Hill workforce.
Major Insight Episode 26 Connecting the Dots Between Nutrition and Sustainability
Featured Majors: Nutrition, Food Studies and Food Systems
Faculty statements on Asian hate
The MJF faculty condemns the rise in crimes against anti-Asian and anti-Asian Americans in the United States. The department also recognizes the ways that media – including news, entertainment, and social media – have participated in the reproduction and perpetuation of stereotypes of individuals of Asian or Asian American background. Stereotypes can work to both homogenize diverse communities and dehumanize individuals. In our work as media producers, teachers, and scholars we are committed to doing more to interrogate and challenge such representations wherever we find them.
Freedom Rider Betty Daniels Rosemond shares her story with Miami students
Betty Daniels Rosemond, a Freedom Rider who fought for racial justice, spoke with Miami students in instructor of social justice Mark Curnutte's class on Thursday, March 4 to share her experiences as a member of The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in 1961.
Major Insight Episode 25 Increasing Access for First-Gen Students and Citizens
Featured Majors: Emerging Technology in Business and Design, Political Science
New professional communication course kickstarts student exposure to work in healthcare
Spring 2021 saw the introduction of a new pilot course constructed and taught by professor of English Heidi McKee, ENG 310B: Professional Writing for Healthcare. The course offers students a curriculum focused on practicing tasks healthcare professionals complete every day
Ron Scott leaves a lasting impact on MJF, Miami
Ron Scott, associate professor of Media & Culture and vice president of Institutional Diversity will retire at the end of 2020. He has had a long, substantial, and impactful career at Miami University. Scott joined Miami in 1988 as an assistant professor in mass communication & pre-major advisor at the university. As an advocate for inclusion, his impact on the University grew, while he served as the advisor for Women in Communication.