Miami Public Radio Project, 2016

Miami Public Radio Project

You won't find much news about Miami University and the Butler County area in local media today. Our goal at the Miami Public Radio Project is to bring you weekly newscasts and features on important local topics.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Miami political science professor looks at presidential race

All of the talk of a contested convention for republicans has faded away with Donald Trump’s huge win in Indiana this week. Miami Public Radio Project reporter Max McAuley says a political science professor at Miami University thinks the fall election campaign will have its share of suspense.

Miami economics major hopes to help disadvantaged children

Working with orphaned children is the goal of one Miami University student. Miami Public Radio’s Sara Meurer reports on Katie McDonnell’s plans to work with children in Ireland.

Miami makes change in bathroom labeling

The U.S. Justice Department has warned North Carolina that its transgender bathroom law violates the federal Civil Rights Act. While this national controversy is brewing, Reporter Althea Perley tells us Miami University has quietly changed the labeling of its Family Restrooms to All Gender Restrooms.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Miami alumnus discusses life as a cable news network producer

Miami University Media, Journalism and Film students got a chance to learn what life is like for a producer of a major cable news network. Jen Duck is a 2004 graduate of Miami. Reporter Althea Perley was on hand when Duck returned to Oxford to talk about the tough stories reporters are surrounded by everyday, and how she’s able to keep a positive outlook.

Miami Student faces criticism over memorial on student

The Miami Student has faced criticism from numerous individuals and groups over the way it reported on the death of Miami University junior Tim Fresch. The headline in the April 19 edition of the paper said "Friends Memorialize Tim Fresch". Miami Public Radio's Sara Meurer reports the article's portrayal of Fresch as a heavy drinker has caused the outrage over labeling the story as a memorial.

Farmer School slips in rankings

The recent release of Bloomberg's ranking of the nation's top undergraduate business schools caught students and faculty at Miami University off guard. Miami Public Radio Project reporter Max McAuley says The Farmer School of Business fell to 40th place, and is no longer the top business school in Ohio.

Miami organization tries to make inroads on concert tour

A Miami University student organization is branching out by hosting its first major concert. Miami Public Radio's Althea Perley reports the Miami Activities and Programming organization hopes it could lead to a much larger concert series down the road.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

New wave statistics dominating sports today

Sports enthusiasts and professionals are reforming the way they operate thanks to the new emphasis on statistics and analytics. Miami Public Radio reporter Max McAuley spoke with Bowling Green University professor and author Jim Albert about the evolution of statistics surrounding the game of baseball and other sports.

UP Magazine seeks to raise public awareness

Spring fashion is a major part of one local publication in Oxford. Miami Public Radio Reporter Sara Meurer has more on the spring release of UP Magazine, published my Miami University students.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Open carry gun law subject of Oxford march

A Cincinnati man plans to lead a march in Oxford aimed at educating students and others about Ohio's Open Carry gun laws. Miami Public Radio reporter Max McAuley says police are trying to make people aware of the event before it takes place.

Miami student pushes activism at an early age

A Miami University student has found a platform for young people to show their passion for civic activism. Miami Public Radio Reporter Sara Meurer reports on Rebekah Bolser's organization, called Seat at the Table.

Miami University dining makes switch on carryout boxes

Miami University students will see a change in the kind of carryout boxes used by Miami dining services. Althea Perley reports on the switch to plastic.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Leaders of college political groups unhappy with presidential field

Representatives of Miami's college Democrats and Republicans are disappointed with the 2016 presidential primary season in general. Reporter James Steinbauer has this report following the recent victories by underdogs Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz in Wisconsin.

Miami marketing fraternity sets new national standard

A new national standard has been set by a Miami University business and marketing fraternity. Miami Public Radio’s Althea Perley reports on a gold medal performance by Miami's Pi Sigma Epsilon.

Trip to Dominican Republic is life changing for Miami student

Miami senior Allie Batcho has found her passion, helping children in the Dominican Republic through an organization called JOY. Miami Public Radio Reporter Sara Meurer has more on her life-changing experiences.

Miami Club Hockey settles for 3rd place national finish

Miami's club hockey team managed to knock out the best club sport team in the country, but fell just short of the crown. Miami Public Radio reporter Max McAuley spoke with a few key players about their bid for the title.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Miami Professor looks at role of music in Black Lives Matter

A Miami University musicology professor says black women have played a key role historically in creating protest songs, most recently for Black Lives Matter. Miami Public Radio’s Althea Perley reports on how music is helping to create a dialogue on important topics.

Miami student hopes to be a Disney engineer

It sounds like fun to say you work at Disney World. But reporter Sara Meurer tells us the popular theme park in Orlando has special meaning for a senior engineering major at Miami University.

March 14, 2016

Miami Professor sees possibilities for contested GOP convention

Miami University Political Science Professor Ryan Barilleaux has been observing US political conventions for several decades. Miami Public Radio’s James Steinbauer says Barilleaux sees the possibilities for one or both political parties facing contested conventions for the first time in years.

Miami students hope for Cuba trip

The restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba means Americans can travel to the Caribbean island for the first time in decades. Miami Public Radio Project's Max McAuley spoke with a Miami journalism professor Patricia Newberry about the opportunity for her students to be among the first Americans to make this historic journey.

March 7, 2016

How digital technology and analytics have changed sports journalism

The world of sports is changing. With that change has come an evolution in the way we consume and analyze sports-related information. Miami Public Radio's Max McAuley talks with MLB and NFL Network's Chris Rose, a Miami alumnus, and The Miami Herald's Alex Butler about how their industries have adapted to digital media and in-depth statistics.

Miami students learn about a Catholic priest scandal from an investigative journalist

Walter Robby Robinson was recently portrayed in an Oscar winning movie based on the Boston Globe's investigative stories regarding the massive child molestation scandal and cover-up in the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. Robinson talked with Miami Public Radio’s reporter Althea Perley about the movie Spotlight, and the importance of investigative journalism.

Miami students observe GOP politics at CPAC Convention

Miami's chapter of College Republicans now has first-hand experience dealing with GOP presidential hopefuls. Miami Public Radio Reporter Sara Meurer reports many college republicans made a trip to the east coast to experience a national forum for conservatives.

Miami professor reacts to financial woes of Tumblr

A Miami University journalism professor is reacting to news about the difficulties facing the blogging platform known as Tumblr. Miami Public Radio’s Althea Perley reports on the financial troubles of the service that allows people to post multimedia and other content as well as keeping the content private.

February 29, 2016

Emerald Ash Borer threat in Oxford

The emerald ash borer moved into Oxford about two years ago, and efforts to prevent its spread have proved futile. Reporter James Steinbauer spoke with Miami University's Field Manager Jim Reid about how the damage the beetle caused is affecting trail maintenance this spring.

Miami club hockey seeks national title

Miami hockey fans are used to their varsity team being a national powerhouse, but this year has not been as strong as usual. However Reporter Max McAuley tells us Miami's Club Hockey Team is the one hoping to win a national title this time around.

Miami group tries to empower women

Miami sophomore Antonia Caba sensed some strong competition among women on campus. That's why she decided to start a local chapter of a national organization dedicated to empowering young women. Miami Public Radio Reporter Sara Meurer talked with her about why the organization is a good fit for Miami's campus.

February 22, 2016

Phone scam targets Miami University students

Many Miami University students have expressed concern about a new phone scam that targets them with intimidating messages. Miami Public Radio reporter Sara Meurer says police are telling students to simply ignore the threatening calls.

Miami alumnus discusses what's missing in sports journalism

You're getting a lot of spin and not much substance from today's sports journalists. Miami Public Radio's Max McAuley reports that was the message from well known sports columnist and Miami alumnus Terrence Moore when he visited his alma mater to discuss sports reporting in today's media environment.

Miami group ties fashion to academics

You need to work hard. That's the theme for Miami University’s Club of Fashion and Design, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Miami Public Radio’s Althea Perley says the group is excited to show how far the organization has come in its upcoming annual fashion show.

February 15, 2016

Miami Trustees set to approve new university president

Miami community members had their only opportunity to question the university's next president during a faculty forum this week. Gregory P. Crawford was the lone finalist brought to campus following a secret presidential search that left some faculty members skeptical about the process. Miami Public Radio Reporter James Steinbauer attended the forum and spoke with some faculty members about their views on Crawford.

Miami seeks to overcome perceptions of career fairs

Officials in Miami's Career Center know some students think only business and engineering majors can benefit from career opportunity fairs on the Oxford campus. But Miami Public Radio's Max McCauley reports career center officials are pushing a series of steps students can take to pursue a career after graduation.

Miami Rec Center launches new workout facility

If you're a fan of group exercise routines, Miami University's Recreational Center has a new plan for you. Miami Public Radio reporter Sara Meurer tells us the university has opened an additional student recreational facility in a building on the old Talawanda High School site on Chestnut Street.

Miami student group pushes creativity

An organization in Miami's Farmer School of Business wants to help business students tap into their creative side. Miami Public Radio Reporter Althea Perley says Igoodea Creatives believes all students can benefit from its programs.

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