Elaine Miller

Elaine Miller

Professor and Chair

212A Hall Auditorium
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056


  • Ph.D. DePaul University, Chicago
  • M.A. Boston College
  • M.A. Bosphorus University (Istanbul)
  • B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Teaching Interests

I enjoy teaching all levels of philosophy course. Introductory courses have a unique energy generated by the encounter with what is a new discipline for most students; intermediate courses in existentialism and the philosophy of art attract students with a burgeoning interest in the history of ideas; and upper-level courses are satisfying because of the depth of the discussion.

Courses Taught

Society and the Individual
Philosophy of Art
Nineteenth Century Philosophy
Advanced Aesthetics
French Feminism

Research Interests

My scholarship lies in three distinct areas: nineteenth century German philosophy (late Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche), aesthetics, and French feminist theory (Beauvoir, Irigaray, Kristeva), often in conversation with each other. I am interested in conceptions of nature and art, and how they reflect and inform ideas of intersubjectivity and the relationship between humans and nature. I have an abiding interest in the Frankfurt school, especially the aesthetic theory of Benjamin and Adorno, and in the philosophy of Arendt.

Professional Recognition

  • Summer Research Appointment, Miami University, 2018, “Blueprints of the Existing World: Reality, Truth, and Estrangement”
  • Emory University Institute for the History of Philosophy summer workshop on Fichte and German Romanticism, 2018
  • Selected to be a member of the College of Fellows, University of Western Sydney, Australia, 2017-19
    Executive Director, philoSOPHIA society for Continental Feminism
  • Emory University Institute for the History of Philosophy summer workshop on Kant's Political Philosophy, 2016
  • 2015 American Board & Academy of Psychoanalysis Book Prize for Head Cases: Julia Kristeva on Philosophy and Art in Depressed Times (Columbia University Press, 2014)
  • Altman Fellow, "The Senses," Miami University, 2015-16

Selected Publications


  • Head Cases: Julia Kristeva on Philosophy and Art in Depressed Times, Columbia University Press, 2014 (Monograph)
  • The Vegetative Soul: From Philosophy of Nature to Subjectivity in the Feminine. Albany: State University of New York Press, July 2002 (Monograph)
  • Returning to Irigaray, co-edited with Maria Cimitile. State University of New York Press, November 2006 (Edited Volume)


  • "Hegel on Reflection and Reflective Judgment," Hegel Bulletin, forthcoming
  • "Julia Kristeva on the Severed Head and other Maternal Capital Visions," Library of Living Philosophers, forthcoming
  • “Investing in a Third: Colonization, Religious Fundamentalism, and Adolescence in Julia Kristeva’s New Forms of Revolt,” Journal of French and Francophone Studies, December 2014
  • "Photography as Primal Phenomenon," Oxford Literary Review 32(2), December 2010
  • "Negativity, Iconoclasm, Mimesis: Kristeva and Benjamin on Political Art," Idealistic Studies 38:1-2 (2008), 55-74

Book Chapters

  • “The Nineteenth Century,” in Routledge Companion to Feminist Philosophy, eds. Ann Garry, Serene Khader, and Alison Stone, New York: Routledge: 2017
  • “Aesthetic Quantity, Purposiveness, and Willed Necessity in Nietzsche’s Engagement with Kant’s Critique of Judgment,” in Nietzsche and Kant: Aesthetics, Anthropology, and History, eds. Katia Hey and Maria Joao Branco. New York: Bloomsbury, 2016
  • “Peregrine Genius and Thought Things: Julia Kristeva and Hannah Arendt on Salutary Estrangement,” New Forms of Revolt, eds. Sarah Hansen and Rebecca Tuvel. Albany: SUNY Press, 2016