Son of Man
The Son of Man (1964), René Magritte
Friedrich Nietzsche
Michel Foucault
 Karl Marx
Karl Marx
Immanuel Kant
Golconda (1953), Rene Magritte

Every spring semester, all graduate students take a Research Seminar in which they have the opportunity to develop an individual scholarly project into a publishable essay. Students have worked on the following projects in recent years:

  • "Korsgaard's Constitutivism and the Schmagency Challenge"
  • "Political Horizons: Thinking Community at its Frontiers in Aristotle and Montaigne"
  • "Intermeshing Different-Differences: Appraising La Caze's Wonder-Generosity Framework for Addressing Complexities of Oppression"
  • "Parreēsía as the Basis for Non-Sovereign Democratic Solidarity in Focault"
  • "The Emergence of a Political Myth-Function in Derrida's Politics of Friendship"
  • "Hegel and the non-identical"
  • "Hegel's Phenomenological 'We'"
  • "Vanishing and Discontinuity in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit"
  • "Willing Grief Otherwise"
  • "Community and Isolation: The Indigenous American Thinker and the Skeptic"
  • "Leibniz's Reservoir of Perception"
  • "First as Adorno, Then as Kant"
  • "Damn, it feels good to be a Skeptic: On the Motivations of a Pyrrhonist"
  • "Pink Labor: Childhood Disidentification in Ma Vie en Rose"
  • "On the Identity of Transcendental Object and noumenon: A Genealogy of a Kantian Contradiction"
  • "Zarathustra's Frenemy: Agonism and Self-Overcoming"
  • "A Pun is its Own Reword: Grammatical Jokes and Philosophy in Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations"
  • "Dreaming with their Eyes Open: A New Spinozist Perspective on Mending the Mind"
  • "Divine Ethics and the Limits of Law"
  • "Feminist Collectivities and the Virtue of Political Imagination"
  • "Impersonal Personal Identity"
  • "Despair in Becoming a Self: Faith and the Demonic"
  • "Antigone Resurrected"
  • "The Poet and the Philosopher: An Analysis of the Lyrical Voice in Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling"
  • "Kant and Adorno: Objective Mimesis of the Sublime”
  • "Foundations of Meaning: Phenomenology, Language and Cognition"
  • "Descartes, Pascal and Narcissism: Self-Love in Descartes' Passions of the Soul and Pascal's Pensées"
  • "Reflective Judgment and the Production of Immanent 'Transcendental' Conditions in Hannah Arendt's Kant Lectures"
  • “Cartesian Hate: A Delusion of Invulnerability”
  • "Does Feminist Critique Need Ontology?"
  • “The Time of the Contingent: Walter Benjamin’s Aura”
  • “Descartes’ Integration of Biology and Reason in Moral Philosophy”
  • "The Human Element: Reading Benjamin through Hegel-Colored Glasses"
  • "Harnessing Cupid: Superinducing Virtuous Affections and Binding the Imagination"
  • "An Exercise in Narrativity: #MeToo, #WhyIDidntReport, and the Epistemic Dimensions of Trauma"
  • "Tracking Intersectionality: On the Movement of Hermeneutical Resources into the Mainstream"
  • "Conceptualism and McDowell's Parmenidean Thesis"
  • "Love's Resistance: Heidegger and the Problem of First Philosophy"
  • "The Toxicity of the Superwoman Image in Feminist Discourse"
  • "On the Grounding Principle of Kant's Transcendental Method: A Deleuzian-Allisonian Exposition"
  • "Plausible Deniability in Context"
  • "Desire My Reading: A Critical Response to Joan Copjec's "Sex and the Euthanasia of Reason"