Carol Fabby

Assistant Teaching Professor

304 Kreger Hall

  • B.S. University of Cincinnati 2010
  • M.S. University of Cincinnati 2012
  • Ph.D. University of Cincinnati 2021
  • Joined Miami faculty 2019

I am the coordinator for the PHY 161 / PHY 162 Physics for Life Sciences, algebra-based introductory physics courses. I teach PHY 161 during fall semester and PHY 162 during spring semester. When offered, I teach PHY 141 Physics in Sports in spring semester.

My teaching strategy is an interactive approach which builds student confidences and abilities by providing immediate feedback and using real-world scenarios related to students' disciplines. This eases sstudents' apprehension about physics and provides a relationship between physics and its applications in our every day activities.

Although I am currently in a teaching-only position, my research focus is in Physics Education with an interest in statistical and scientific reasoning.