Seminars and Lectures

Fall 2020, 4:25pm, delivered remotely via Zoom

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Aug 19—No Seminar

Aug 26—No Seminar

Sep 2—Faculty Poster Presentation

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Sep 9— Graduate Student Research Presentations

Kefeng Jiang, Graduate Student

"Observation and Characterization of Stochastic Resonance in Directed Propagation of Cold Atoms"

Pawan Khatiwada & Zibo Wang, Graduate Students

"Coherent Perfect Absorption in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics"

Sep 16— Undergraduate Student Research Presentations

Orion Koleva, Undergraduate Physics Major

"What Can We Learn from Midterm SCALE-UP Student Evaluations Right Now?"

Skyler Wright, Undergraduate Engineering Physics Major

"Further Exploring the Fast Quantum Control of 87-Rb Bose-Einstein Condensates"

Sep 23—John Stewart, West Virginia University

"Using Machine Learning to Identify At-Risk Students in Physics Classes"

Sep 30—No Seminar

Oct 7—No Seminar

Oct 14—Robert Giles, University of Massachusetts Lowell

"Biomedical Applications of Terahertz Technologies"

Oct 21—Guillaume Marc Laurent, Auburn University

"Application of Attosecond Light Sources for the Observation and Control of Electronic Processes in Atoms and Molecules"

Oct 28—No Seminar

Nov 4—TBD

Nov 11—Patrick Carroll, Proctor & Gamble

Nov 18—Caroline Boudox, Polytechnic Montreal