Seminars and Lectures

Spring 2021, 4:25pm, delivered remotely via Zoom

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Jan 27—No Seminar

Feb 3—Partha Banerjee, University of Dayton

"Phase, the Final Frontier: The Quest to Conquer Phase"

Feb 10—Andrew Sarangan, University of Dayton

"Phase Change Materials (PCM)"

Feb 17—No Seminar, Spring Break Wellness Day

Feb 24—Alumnus Jeffrey Brock, University of California San Diego

"Skyrmions and Dynamic Symmetry Breaking in Chiral Magnetic Systems"

Mar 3—Arjun Pathak, Buffalo State University

"High-entropy Type Multicaloric Compounds"

Mar 10—Kimberly Shaw, Columbus State University

"Characteristics of a Successful STEM Student, and Implications for Physics Department Climates"

Mar 17—Bishwanath Gaire, Nature Communications Editor

"Writing and Publishing a Research Paper"

Mar 24—No Seminar

Mar 31—No Seminar

Apr 7—No Seminar

Apr 14—Kishor Kapale, Western Illinois University

"Quantum Biology: The Time Has Come!

Apr 21—Hafeez Dhalla, Duke University

"Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT): Theory, Applications and Future Outlook"

Apr 28—Alberto Marino, University of Oklahoma

"Quantum-Enhanced Sensing with Light"

May 5—No Seminar, Awards Presentation