Academic Advising

During the first year, all majors in the Department of Physics are assigned a faculty member as their advisor and usually keep this same advisor throughout their undergraduate careers at Miami. Students plan their degree program in consultation with this advisor. All degree programs must satisfy three sets of requirements: Miami Plan, College of Arts and Science, and Department of Physics, all of which are described in the Miami University General Bulletin. The Chief Departmental Advisor for Physics, Dr. Steve Alexander, may also be consulted for additional information.

5th year seniors

Dr. Burçin Bayram, 101 Kreger

Class of 2021

Dr. E. Carlo Samson, 102 Kreger

Class of 2022

Dr. Imran Mirza, 306 Kreger

Class of 2023

Dr. Paul Paul Urayama, 107 Kreger

Class of 2024

Dr. Stephen Alexander, Chief Departmental Advisor, 204 Kreger

Pre-med & Biological Physics majors

Dr. Paul Urayama, 107 Kreger