Notable Quotes from Physics Alumni

 2012 graduates Jeff Kleykamp, Corey
McDonald, and Sarah Jo Lauber

"In hind sight, I believe the graduate program at Miami really affords everyone the opportunity to get out of it what you put in to it. I was able to develop my problem solving skills and computer programming skills while doing really cool research in a subject I have great passion for! I am really grateful for the opportunity to have had the experience I did. Although my plans shifted during my time at Miami, I came out of the program with several awards, a few publications, a fantastic and exciting job opportunity and a prestigious degree." - Matt Walentosky, MS 2016, Data Scientist at B/Search, A Brunnerworks Co.

"I really enjoyed the time I spent as a student in Miami University's graduate physics program. The coursework, teaching, and research opportunities all helped me build a solid foundation in math and science. The staff was great, and the professors were always there to help me out when I needed it." - Thomas Jenkins, MS 2013, engineer for the Photonics/Nucleonics Department at the Air Force Primary Standards Laboratory

"What I liked best about physics at Miami is how invested all of the staff are in their students. My instructors were very helpful in and out of class, and it made a big difference." - Ryan Nowak, BS Engineering Physics, 2007, Software developer at Microsoft

"My memories of the Physics Department at Miami are some of my favorite. Though the coursework was a challenge and there were many restless nights thinking about a problem or working on a laboratory report, I couldn't have made a better decision to study physics. The professors were always willing to answer questions and help you to really understand the material. Keep in mind, there are many, many jobs you can do and research avenues you can pursue with a physics degree." - Megan Lobaugh, BA Physics 2006, Internal Dosimetrist in the Environment, Safety and Health Directorate at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"Although I chose not to pursue a career in physics, I can definitely say that the rigorous, analytical way of thinking I learned in Miami's Physics Department proved invaluable to me in law school, and I'm sure it will prove equally invaluable in my future life as a lawyer." - Charlie LaPlante, BS Physics 2005

Jeremy Clark"Miami's physics department was great for providing a student-friendly environment. I never felt afraid to ask a question when I did not understand something, and the professors always made me feel like my opinions of the department mattered." - Jeremy Clark, BS Physics 2006, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Erica Blasdel"Being a part of the Miami Physics Department was an unforgettable experience! I really felt that the faculty cared about our success as students, and the friendships I made with my classmates will last a lifetime. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to laugh and learn with!" - Erica Blasdel, BS Physics 2005, Librarian in the Science, Business, and News division of the Columbus Metropolitan Library

"I don't think a faculty exists that values the education and experience of their undergraduate students more than the Physics Department at Miami University." - Jonathan Dudley, BS Engineering Physics 2007

"The Miami University Physics Department provides tremendous support to its undergraduates through teaching, advising, and research opportunities. All of the professors are approachable and are passionate about physics." - Eric Frey, BS Physics 2008, Investment Advisor with Citigroup

"The Miami physics department created a smaller community within the larger university setting that supplied a much more personal college experience; providing more opportunities and more one-on-one interactions with both the faculty and students alike, several with whom I have kept in touch with over the years." - Katie (Rowley) Grant, BS 2000, Siemens

Nick GeitnerThe Physics MS program at Miami did a fantastic job preparing me for a career as a scientist, both as a teacher and as a researcher. As an undergrad I never would have guessed I would have ended up in this area of research, but Miami provided me an excellent introduction to the world of nanoscience. - Nick Geitner, MS 2011, PhD candidate Clemson University

Dyan JonesI have no doubt that my experiences in the Miami University physics department were integral to my physics career. The opportunities for research and teaching shaped my choice to work in academia and heavily influenced my current research program. However, most important to me was the sense of compassion and collegiality in the department: I saw firsthand what it means to be a professor who truly cares about students and their success, and I strive to meet those standards every time I set foot in my classroom. - Dyan Jones, MS Physics 2005, Assistant Professor Mercyhurst College

I was proud to call the Physics Department my home - an oasis in the broader community of business and education students. What impressed me most was the passion of the faculty. They taught by example and lead by enthusiasm--faculty like Dr. Joe Priest who took a snapshot of the incoming freshman class each holding up a sign with our name. He promised by the next morning he'd have all of our names memorized and if he didn't, that student would receive an A for the class. Needless to say, the only "As" awarded that year were earned through hard work, not by a failure on the part of Dr. Priest. - J. Scott Sykora, BS Engineering Physics 1979, president of LJM Partners, a commodities trading company