What can I do with a major in Physics?

Students earning a degree in physics possess the necessary skills and the scientific and mathematics background to pursue a wide range of career paths. The American Institute of Physics Career & Statistical Research website provides interesting numbers about physics careers.

About 60 percent of our physics graduates attend graduate or professional school, specializing in physics, engineering, business, law, education, or medicine. After further education, other careers include those in computational science or the physical sciences such as meteorology or oceanography. Those students not continuing their formal education find employment in a variety of scientific, technical, and other fields. High school teaching, military service, or technical sales are some of these options. A physics degree can also provide entry into other fields such as marketing or business operations with technical companies.

Teaching is an especially attractive area of employment for physics graduates today. According to the Association for School, College, and University Staffing, teacher shortages exist in both physics and mathematics, a situation not expected to change significantly over the next few years.

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