Dr. Rachel Blum

Assistant Professor

Rachel Blum
OFFICE: 213 Harrison Hall
EMAIL: blumrm@miamioh.edu

Website: http://rachelmblum.com/

Degrees and Institutions

  • Ph.D., Government, Georgetown University
  • M.A., Government, Georgetown University
  • B.A., Government, Patrick Henry College

Selected Publications

  • “Is there such a thing as a Conservative Foreign Policy?” with Christopher Parker in the Brookings Governance Series, October 2014.
  • “A Tangled Web: Religion and the Regime in the US,” with Clyde Wilcox in Religion and Regimes: Support, Separation, and Opposition, edited by Ted Jelen and Tehran Tamadonfar, Lexington Books, 2013.
  • Partisan Conict and Congressional Outreach," a Pew Research Center Report with Solomon Messing, Patrick Van Kessel, Adam Hughes, and Nick Judd, February 2017.

Work in Progress

  • “Social Networks in Party Nominations” with Hans Noel (Georgetown University).

  • "Team Players: Campaign Donations and Party Factions" with Alexander Podkul (Georgetown University), (Under review at the American Journal of Political Science).

  • Inside Job: The Tea Party's Takeover of the Republican Party, (R&R from the University of Chicago Press)

Working Papers

  • "Presidential Nominations and Coalition Politics: Detecting Internal Party Divisions In Network Data" with Hans Noel (Georgetown University).
  • "Gendered Frames in Television News: Reinforcing Masculinity in Politics" with Monica Schneider and Sophia Fideli (Miami University of Ohio and the Pew Research Center).
  • "Friends of Morality: Amicus Curiae Networks in State Court Cases on Abortion and Gay Marriage" with Abigail Matthews (University of Miami).
  • "Support for Disability Assistance? The Role of Deservingness in American Public Opinion" with Monica Schneider (Miami University of Ohio), Dara Strolovitch (Princeton University), and Justin Holmes (University of Northern Iowa).
  • "Faultlines in the US Congress: Factions in a Congressional Communication Network" with Patrick VanKessel (Pew Research Center). 
  • "Trump Supporters and Foreign Policy" with Christopher Parker (University of Washington).

Grants, Awards, and Professional Activities

  • College of Arts and Sciences Summer grant, Miami University of Ohio, 2018.
  • Miami University OARS Diversity and Inclusion Grants, "Support for Disability Assistance? Deservingness, Group Affect, and American Public Opinion," 2017.
  • Committee on Faculty Research grant, Miami University of Ohio, 2017.
  • National Science Foundation Travel Grant, Conference on Political Methodology, 2017