Dr. Erica Edwards

Associate Professor
Erica Edwards

OFFICE: 223 Harrison Hall
EMAIL: edwarde6@miamioh.edu

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Degrees and Institutions

  • Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • M.A., Collège d’Europe, Bruges, Belgium
  • B.A., University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

  • “Measuring Party Positions in Europe: The Chapel Hill Expert Survey Trend File, 1999-2010,” with R. Bakker, C. de Vries, L. Hooghe, S. Jolly, G. Marks, J. Polk, J. Rovny, M. Steenbergen, M. Vachudova. Forthcoming Party Politics, 2014.

  • “Struggle over Dimensionality: Party Competition in Europe” with J. Rovny. East European Politics and Society 26(1): 56-74, 2012. “The Return of ‘Social Europe’. Ideas and Positions of German Parties towards the Future of European Integration” with A. Wimmel. German Politics 20(2): 293-314, 2011.

  • “Mean Voter Representation versus Mean Partisan Representation: Do Parties Respond to the Mean Voter Position or to Their Supporters?” with L. Ezrow, M. Steenbergen, and C. de Vries. Party Politics 17(3): 275- 301, 2011. “Clarity of Responsibility beyond the Pocketbooks: How Political Institutions Mediate EU Issue Voting” with C. de Vries and E. Tillman. Comparative Political Studies 44(3): 339-63, 2011.

  • “Reliability and Validity of Measuring Party Positions: The Chapel Hill Expert Surveys of 2002 and 2006” with L. Hooghe, R. Bakker, A. Brigevich, C. de Vries, G. Marks, J. Rovny, M. Steenbergen, and M. Vachudova. European Journal of Political Research 49(5): 687-703, 2010.

  • “Taking Europe to Its Extremes: Extremist Parties and Public Euroscepticism” with C. de Vries. Party Politics 15: 5-28, 2009. “Who’s Cueing Whom? Mass-Elite Linkages and the Future of European Integration” with M. Steenbergen and C. de Vries. European Union Politics 8: 39-49, 2007.

  • “Party Competition and European Integration in East and West Europe: Different Structure, Same Causality” with G. Marks, L. Hooghe, and M. Nelson. Comparative Political Studies 39: 155-75, 2006. Book Chapters “Ideas of Europe in German Political Discourse” with A. Wimmel. In: C. Ramos, ed. Ideas of Europe in National Political Discourse Bologna: Il Mulino, 2011.

  • “Party Ideology and European Integration: An East-West Comparison” with G. Marks, L. Hooghe, and M. Nelson. In R. Rohrschneider and S. Whitefield, eds. Public Opinion, Party Competition and European Union Integration in Post-Communist Eastern Europe New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.

Working Papers

  • “Products of their Past? Cleavage Theory and Intra-Party Dissent over European Integration.” Institut für Höhere Studien (IHS) Political Science Series 118, 2009.

  • “Taking Europe to Its Extremes. Examining Cueing Effects of Right-Wing Populist Parties on Public Opinion Regarding European Integration” with C. de Vries. Discussion Paper SP IV 2005-202, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB), 2005.

Work in Progress

  • Anchoring the Experts: Using Vignettes to Compare Party Ideology Across Countries,” with R. Baker, S. Jolly, J. Polk, J. Rovny, M. Steenbergen. Under review.

  • Making Sense of the Radical Left Voter: Attitudes towards Globalization, Integration, and Immigration in Times of Economic Crisis with A. Brigevich. To be presented at the meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, April 2014.

  • “Products of their Past? Cleavage Theory and Intra Party Dissent over European Integration.”

  • United We Stand? Intra Party Dissent on Issues of European Integration.”

  • “Fickle Parties or Changing Dimensions? Testing the Comparability of the Party Manifo Data Across Time with R. Bakker and C. de Vries.


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