Political Science Organizations and Resources

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There are many student organizations at Miami University that students in the Department of Political Science may want to explore. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and an important way to become engaged in your major or minor is to get involved in one of the student organizations on campus. Listed below are several student organizations or groups that many of our Political Science students are involved with.

AMICUS CURIAE PRE-LAW SOCIETY (AC) PHI is among the student organizations affiliated with the Pre-Law Programs in the College of Arts and Science. Membership in this group is open to any interested student who shares the aim of preparing and informing pre-law majors about a career in law. Amicus Curiae meets regularly and sponsors such activities as Mock Law Classes, LSAT preparation sessions, and Law Career Day (when representatives of leading law schools come to provide information about their schools to prospective applicants). Adviser: Ms. Maria Vitullo, vitullmp@miamioh.edu, 529-0877.

COLLEGE DEMOCRATS, MIAMI UNIVERSITY (College Democrats): The mission of College Democrats is to represent the Democratic Party by fostering a liberal environment on campus through political dialogue, outreach, and advocacy. They hold weekly meetings, organize events and programs to spread awareness, and much more. Adviser: Dr. Chris Kelley, kelleycs@miamioh.edu, 529-3959.

COLLEGE REPUBLICANS (CRs): College Republicans meets weekly to discuss current political issues and inform the student body about the conservative movement. Relevant speakers, events, and volunteer opportunities are provided in order to engage students in the mission of CRs. Adviser: Dr. Ryan Barilleaux, barillrj@miamioh.edu, 529-2005.

The JAMES LEWIS FAMILY MOCK TRIAL PROGRAM is an intercollegiate competition among schools who are members of the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA), founded in 1985. Today, over 230 schools nationwide, some of which have as many as five teams, are members of AMTA. Adviser:  Mr. Neal Schuett, schuetnd@miamioh.edu, 529-1560.

The Miami University JANUS FORUM provides a place for all members of the campus community to come together and discuss opposing views freely and passionately. They provide a forum where students can explore the multitude of views that exist, and then arrive at their own opinion, knowing not only what they believe, but also why they believe it. The Janus Forum focuses on themes of American Constitutionalism, liberty, civic responsibility, political economy and the role of the public sector. Advisers: Dr. Pat Haney, haneypj@miamioh.edu, 529-4321

The MIAMI ASSOCIATION FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (MAPA) is a student organization committed to the advancement of public administration study at Miami University and to providing a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to the administration of the public sector. The Association affords the student an opportunity to interact with others interested in public management, obtain counseling and advice regarding the course of study as a public administration major, and be exposed to a wide range of professional activities. In the past, MAPA has co-sponsored a number of events and activities including scheduling and course advising sessions, internship seminars, speakers, both professional and academic, trips to the local chapter of ASPA in Cincinnati or to the national conference, and social outings. Adviser: Dr. Mark Morris, morrismh@miamioh.edu, 529-9011.

The MIAMI UNIVERSITY MODEL UNITED NATIONS (MUMUN) provides a forum where students may learn about the objectives and functions of the United Nations. Through concentrated interactions within the structure of a simulated United Nations, delegates can acquire unique perspective on international relations. Throughout, the NMUN adheres to its purpose of participatory education in a manner which is both intellectually stimulating and enjoyable. Adviser: Dr. Kathryn LaFever, lafevek@miamioh.edu, 529-0658.

The MODEL ARAB LEAGUE (MAL) is similar to the Model UN but with a focus on countries in the Middle East. Delegates represent individual countries and address current issues pertaining to relations among member states. Adviser: Shawn Vanness, dubbersa@miamioh.edu, 529-0566. 

PI SIGMA ALPHA is the national political science honorary society for students who:

  • have at least 10 semesters hours in political science at the 300-400 level,
  • with a B average or higher in those classes,
  • have an overall GPA that places you in the top 1/3 of the junior/senior class.

The chapter acts as a service agency, carrying out various departmental functions from time to time. Students who meet the requirements are encouraged to join and become better acquainted with other majors and with their professors. There is an initiation fee. Adviser: Dr. Chris Kelley, kelleycs@miamioh.edu, 529-3959.

Pi Sigma Alpha application (applications are accepted between December and April)


updated: 7/27/20