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POL Course Descriptions

Political Science

The major in political science requires a course in American politics in order to insure that all graduates have a working knowledge of the U.S. political system, and three courses that introduce various subfields within the discipline. If are majoring in political science, you should take POL 241 first, if possible. Then you must take at least two (2) other courses at the 200-level.

Specific requirements for Political Science majors

Diplomacy and Global Politics

This program of concentration is designed primarily for students interested in understanding more about comparative and international politics. It is a major appropriate for those interested in international careers. It is also the kind of broad, liberal arts program which many pre-law students will want to consider. Additionally, it provides a solid background for graduate study in comparative politics and international relations. Majors in DGP should begin by taking POL 271 (World Politics), POL 221 (Comparative Politics), and POL 241 (American Political System). You may then begin taking some of your related hours as well as other political science courses required of DGP majors.

Specific requirements for Diplomacy and Global Politics majors

Public Administration

The Public Administration major is designed for undergraduates interested in studying and understanding the issues of governance and management of the public sector, and more specifically about the link between politics and public policy implementation. It is appropriate for those interested in public service careers in the federal government, state government, and/or local government including: city and county management, public finance administration, public personnel administration, and public policy analysis and program evaluation. This major prepares students for continuation of their education in professional and graduate schools of public administration, public policy analysis, and related fields. It also serves as a course of pre-legal study. PA majors should begin by taking POL 241 and then POL 261, the introduction to public administration and a prerequisite for upper-level courses in this area. We also encourage PA majors to take ECO 201 (microeconomics) and 202 (macroeconomics) as early as possible in your major program.

Specific requirements for Public Administration majors

Public Health: Health Policy and Administration

Public Health is a field of study focused on preventing illness and promoting health in individuals, communities, and society as a whole.  The Health Policy and Administration concentration focuses on critical policy and programmatic issues in public health. The emphasis of this concentration is to examine how public policy impacts the public health delivery system and how administrators work to develop and implement programs in the field of public health.

Specific requirements for Public Health majors

Data Analytics: concentration in Social Data

Data Analytics prepares students for a range of careers in which data must be manipulated, contextualized, and applied to the problems of today. It trains students to work with the ever-broadening expanse of data that is rapidly transforming industry, business, the public sphere, and many fields of research. Coursework for this major combines a core of flexible analytical skills with in-depth advanced knowledge in transdisciplinary subjects in four concentrations: Geospatial Analytics, Bioinformatics, Sport Analytics, and Social Data Analytics. This combination provides a solid 4-year liberal education along with early development of practical skills widely sought by employers.

Specific requirements for Data Analytics majors with a concentration in Social Data


Prerequisite Courses for 300 and 400-level POL courses:

  • POL 201 (Modern Political Ideologies) for POL 302 and POL 303
  • POL 221 (Comparative Politics) for all upper division courses in Comparative Politics
  • POL 241 (American Politics) for all upper division courses in American Politics
  • POL 261 (Public Administration) for all upper division courses in Public Administration
  • POL 271 (World Politics) for all upper division courses in International Relations
  • POL 331 (Development of the Russian Polity) for POL 332


updated: 7/27/21