Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green

Clinical Traineeship Coordinator | Clinical Professor

118 Psychology Building
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056

Teaching Interests

My training as a child, clinical psychologist leads me to interests in child psychopathology, child development and clinical training. At the undergraduate level I teach Child Psychopathology and Developmental Disabilities and may teach Child Development in the future. I approach these courses from a Developmental Psychopathology framework which emphasizes the importance of understanding normative development when studying maladaptive development. I also coordinate the department’s Undergraduate Psychology Internship program which facilitates opportunities for undergraduate students to obtain applied psychology experiences in the community. At the graduate level, I teach courses in child therapy and psychological assessment. In addition, I provide supervision for clinical graduate students in their clinical work with children and coordinate clinical traineeships for the clinical psychology graduate program.

Research Interests

While my position as a clinical faculty member does not involve research, I work with graduate and undergraduate students to gain applied experiences in psychology. One of my primary roles has been to coordinate clinical training for the Center for School Based Mental Health Programs and to provide supervision for graduate students working in the local elementary schools. Undergraduate and graduate students working in my lab have the opportunity to learn about and help to implement the Incredible Years program which is an evidenced based program designed to support children’s social, emotional and behavioral development.

Related to my interest in school mental health, I have collaborated with graduate students and faculty from different disciplines to explore challenges inherent in moving clinical psychology from traditional settings (e.g., community mental health, private practice) to schools. I have also collaborated in research exploring the interdisciplinary nature of school mental health and the importance of collaboration across disciplines.

Professional Recognition

  • Green, J. H. & Jones, K. (2006-2007). Ethical Practice in Interdisciplinary School Based Mental Health.  Small Grant awarded by the Partnership Grant Program at Miami University.   
  • Green, J.H. (2008-2011).  Incredible Years Implementation in Oxford Ohio.  Funding from Ohio Children’s Trust Fund & Catholic Charities of Southwest Ohio.

Selected Publications

  • Ball, A., Anderson-Butcher, D., Mellin, E.A., Green, J.H. (accepted for publication). A cross-walk of professional competencies involved in expanded school mental health: An Exploratory Study. School Mental Health.
  • Mellin, E., Bronstein, L., Anderson-Butcher, D., Amrose, A.J., Ball, A., Green, J. (accepted for publication). Measuring interprofessional team collaboration in expanded school mental health: Model refinement and scale development. Journal of Interprofessional Care
  • Green, J.H., Maras M., Reiger, C., Jones, K., Marconi, M. & Perlin, R. (2008). Triumphs & tribulations of a community-university partnership in expanded school mental health. In (T. S. Poetter & J. Eagle,  Eds.) The Art and Science of Partnership: Catalytic Cases of School, University, and Community Renewal. Lanham, MD: University Press of America.
  • Maras, M., Reiger, C. J., Rokusek, R., & Green, J.H. (2006). Beneficence and Nonmaleficence: Addressing Ethical Dilemmas in School-Based Mental Health. The Community Psychologist, 39 (3), 24-27.