Jeffrey Hunger

Jeff Hunger



Assistant Professor

321 Psychology Building

Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 529-2413


B.A., Psychology, University of Minnesota

M.A., Psychological Research, California State University, Fullerton

Ph.D., Social Psychology, University of  California, Santa Barbara

Postdoctoral Scholar, Health Psychology, UCLA


Teaching Interests

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on stigma, social psychology, and health psychology. Across my courses, my ultimate goal is to cultivate a learning environment that enduringly shapes my students' academic success and intellectual aspirations.


Research Interests

Research in my lab uses insights from social psychology to understand and ultimately improve the health of those encountering stigma (e.g. higher body weight individuals, racial and sexual minorities). We often examine the consequences of stigma through the theoretical lens of social identity threat. We take a diverse approach to health and well-being, including outcomes such as acute physiological indicators of stress (e.g. cardiovascular reactivity), health behaviors (e.g. disordered eating), mental health (e.g. depression), and social well-being (e.g. loneliness). See my website for more information and to access the publications below. 


Selected Professional Recognition

Seymour Fisher Outstanding body Image Dissertation Award, 2018

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, 2011 - 2014


Representative Publications

Hunger, J.M., Smith, J., & Tomiyama, A.J. (2020). An evidence-based rationale for adopting weight-inclusive health policy. Social Issues and Policy Review.

Hunger, J.M., **Dodd, D., & Smith, A.R. (2020). Weight-based discrimination, interpersonal needs, and suicidal ideation. Stigma and Health.

Hunger, J.M., Blodorn, A., Miller, C., & Major, B. (2018). The psychological and physiological effects on interacting with an anti-fat peer. Body Image, 27, 148-155.

Hunger, J.M., & Tomiyama, A.J. (2018. Weight labeling and disordered eating among adolescent females: Evidence from the NHLBI Growth and Health Study. Journal of Adolescent Health, 63. 360 - 362.

Ryan, W.S., Hunger, J.M., & Major, B. (2017). Applying intergroup relations research to understanding LGB health disparities.  Journal of Social Issues, 73, 477 - 492.

Tomiyama, A.J., Hunger, J.M., *Nguyen-Cuu, J., & Wells, C. (2016). Misclassifications of cardiometabolic health when using Body Mass Index categories in NHANES 2005 - 2012. International Journal of Obesity, 40, 833 - 886.

Hunger, J.M., Major, B., Blordorn, A., & Miller, C. (2015). Weighed down by stigma:How weight based social identity threat influences weight gain and health. Social Psychology and Personality Compass, 9, 255 - 268.