Jonathan Fishman Photo

Jonathan Fishman, Ph.D. '13

California Prison Healthcare Services


Anusha Natarajan Zechella Photo

Anusha N. Zechella, Ph.D. '14

Psychologist and Director of Couples and Family

Therapy at Breyta Psychological Services

Raleigh, NC

Stacey Raj Photo

Stacey P. Raj, Ph.D. '15

Assistant Professor, Xavier University

Cincinnati, OH

Suchi Daga Photo

Suchi S. Daga, Ph.D. '16

Director of Psychlogy Training, Cpt James A. Lovell Health Care Center

Chicago, IL

Shurti Dasgupta Photo

Shurti Dasgupta, Ph.D. '18

Psychologist, Center for Victims of Torture

Minneapolis, MN

Bethany Walker Photo

Bethany L. Walker, Ph.D. '18

Psychologist, Light on Anxiety CBT Treatment Center

Glenview, IL

Belinda Teo Photo

Belinda Teo, Ph.D. '19

Psychologist, Ministry of Social and Family Development





kathy lin

Kathy L. Lin '21

Postdoctoral Fellow, Behavioral Health Practice

Cleveland, OH

Anjali Jain

Anjali Jain '22

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Linder Center of Hope

Mason, OH


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