Program Alumni

Suchi S. Daga

I found my academic family in Miami’s Clinical Psychology Program. Not only did I get to conduct research I was passionate about with a wonderful advisor, but I also found the support and guidance needed to develop into a well-rounded clinician and a solid researcher. If you’re going to spend six years in graduate school, you have to make sure you find the program that feels like home, and that’s what Miami was for me.

Suchi Daga

Suchi S. Daga, PhD, ‘16
Staff Psychologist
Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, Chicago

Lauren M. Fussner

Lauren Fussner

Lauren M. Fussner, PhD, ‘17
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatric Psychology 
Yale Child Study Center, Yale New Haven Hospital



I am extremely grateful for the clinical research training I received at Miami University. Miami’s clinical program offers a unique integration of diverse theoretical perspectives with an emphasis on evidence based research and practice. I feel extremely prepared to conduct independent research and practice as a licensed psychologist thanks to the mentorship and opportunities I received!

Jennifer E. Gibson

My experience at Miami was transformative.  As a clinical psych grad student, I grew in so many respects—both professional and personal.  The faculty were incredibly supportive, not only in helping me to pursue my clinical and research interests, but also encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone to try new things.  I was given the opportunity to work with a diverse array of communities, clients, clinical supervisors, and mentors.  As someone interested in teaching, I was also given the opportunity to take a class on teaching and to teach undergrad classes.  Looking back, I’m able to see how the support and training that I received helped set me up for success in my career today.

Jennifer Gibson

Jennifer E. Gibson, PhD, ‘11
Associate Professor of psychology
Xavier University

Joseph Molitor

Joseph Molitar

Joseph Molitor, PhD, ‘17
Clinical Psychology Resident
Ruah Woods Psychological Services



Clinical psychology is a demanding profession, one that requires personal growth in order authentically to join patients in their suffering or to ask the research questions that deepen our understanding of the human experience. The clinical program at Miami offered me a doorway into this meaningful quest, combining a rigorous approach to research and clinical practice. This is a difficult and rare balance to accomplish, and it provides flexibility for opening a variety of doors in the profession.

Eric Nofzinger

As a renowned expert in the science of sleep and sleep disorders, he has spent more than 35 years practicing sleep medicine and studying insomnia. Currently, Nofzinger is the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Ebb Therapeutics.

During his visit, Nofzinger had lunch with psychology students, where he shared his career path experiences.

"I wanted to be a clinical psychologist, but I then worked in a psychiatric hospital to help me understand what I really wanted to do," said Nofzinger. This experience helped him decide to be a psychiatrist.

"There's no limit to where your career trajectory can go," Nofzinger said. "Going to medical school opens a pathway to so many options."

After graduating from Miami and working at a psychiatric hospital, Nofzinger went to medical school at Ohio State University.

"For me those years were critical," said Nofzinger. He advised students to get exposure and "put yourself in the situations that you see yourself in."