Meet Our Students

Kyle Benbow 2019

Kyle Benbow

My primary research interest focuses on racial differences in social pain minimization. My current research is interested in the antecedents of the minimization experience by investigating social networks of people who feel their pan is minimized. My current research also looks to explore which coping mechanisms are developed by those who feel their social pain is minimized by investigating help-seeking and health behaviors.

Brett DeWitt

Brett is a first-year graduate student studying ostracism and social belonging in Heather Claypool's lab. She completed her undergraduate degree at Butler University, where she studied the effects of emotion on memory.

Christina Fitzpatrick

Christina Fitzpatrick

My research focuses primarily on how race and social class influence educational outcomes. After graduation, I plan to continue to use my training in social psychology to design and implement brief interventions to improve outcomes for underrepresented students in higher education.

Brandon Humphrey 2019

Brandon Humphrey

My research interest include mind perception, pets, and environmentalism, and my current research integrates work from these areas to examine the potential consequences of pet ownership for proenvironmental behavior. My passion for social psychology extends into the classroom, where I have taught courses on social cognition, statistics, and research methods.

Tyler Jacobs

My research interests involve examining how people’s attitudes, motivations, emotions, and self-representations related to nature may promote or hinder their pro-environmental behaviors. I am also interested in how discrete positive emotions affect cognition and behavior by shifting the self-concept.

Brielle Johnson

Brielle Johnson

My primary research interests surround social issues related to social class, gender, and race. Currently I'm examining how intersectional identities (e.g., race and class) impact how people judge the experiences of others. Additionally, I am intered in existential concerns of mortality and how the awareness of death impacts people's thoughts and intentions. 

Woojong Kim 2019

Woo J. Kim

My work broadly explores topics of mental simulation and ostracism. When it comes to mental simulation, I focus on how thoughts about "what might have been" (counterfactual thinking) and following emotions (e.g., regret) affect motivation and behavior. Regarding ostracism, I'm interested in how ostracized people process social information and reaffiliate with others. 

J.J. Togans 2019

LaCount "JJ" Togans

My research examines cultural differences between East Asian and WEstern cultures regarding various topics in social cognition (e.g., attitudes, communication processes, emotion perception). I also am interested in investigating how nostalgia affects attitude strength and the self. 

Alejandro Trujillo 2019

Alejandro Trujillo

In my research, I primarily focus on the fundamental need to belong and the consequences of not having this need met. My master's thesis examines if unmet belonging needs impact tolerance of abuse from a romantic partner, and if this tolerance can be considered a re-affiliative strategy. Other research projects of mine similarly consider the role that thwarted belonging has on other clinical phenomena such as eating disorders and suicide.