Social Speakers Series

Group Photo of all Social Area Faculty and Graduate Students Group Photo of all Social Area Faculty and Graduate Students

Social Speakers

Throughout the year, the Social Area has weekly brown bag research presentations at its SPRIG (Social Psychology Research Interest Group) meetings, which take place every Friday afternoon. In addition, each year we bring in several prominent off-campus speakers to present their research at SPRIG and also at departmental colloquia. In recent years, these speakers have included people such as Kathleen Vohs, John Cacioppo, Claude Steele, Russ Fazio, Rich Petty, Tanya Chartrand, Keith Maddox, Mary Murphy, Jenn Richeson, and others.

Fall 2021

Sept 3 | Professional Development | Academic Job Search Process 

Sept 17 | Diversity Article Discussion (Ledgerwood et al., 2021)

Sept 24 | Tyler Jacobs | "Is Seeing Believing?" Country-Level Extreme Weather and Climate Change Beliefs and Behaviors"

Oct 31 | Shannon Pinegar | "Becoming the Narrative: Experience Retrieval and Behavior"



Spring 2021 

Feb 5 | Dr. Nickolas Jones (UCI) | "Big Data in (Social) Psychology"

Feb 19 | Brielle Johnson | "The Impact of Target Social Class on Social Pain Judgments"

Mar 5 | Brandon Humphrey | "Does Self-Enchancment Strategy Affect the Relation Between Egoism and Pro-Environmental Behavior?"

Mar 19 | Dr. Eva Pietri (IUPUI) | "Who Encourages Feelings of Belonging among Black and Latina Women?"

Apr 2 | Tyler Jacobs | "Self-Transcendent Emotion Dispositions: Greater Connections with Nature and More Sustainable Behavior"

Apr 9 | Dr. Jessie Wang and Dr. Peter Nguyen (Miami FSB) | "The Effect of Cultural Tightness-Looseness on Polarizing Word-of-Mouth"

Apr 16 | Woo Kim | "Think More, Do Less? Self-Regulatory Modes Following Social Exclusion"

Apr 30 | Prit Patel | "Interaction of Attachment and Self-Determination Need Fulfillment to Predict Daily Support Behavior"


Fall 2020

Aug 28 | Professional Development | Self-Care and Productivity During Pandemic

Sept 11 | Alejandro Trujillo | "Translating Academia Experience to an Industry Role"

Sept 18 | Dr. Michael Kraus (Yale University) | "The Misperception of Racial Economic Inequality"

Oct 9 | JJ Togans | "Blinded by Wistfulness: Examining Nostalgia's Impact on Attitude Strength"

Oct 23 | Professional Development | Navigating the Academic Job Market

Nov 6 | Kyle Benbow | "Race, the Perceived Minimization of Social Pain, and Mental Well-Being"

No 20 | Dr. William Chopik (Michigan State University) | "Individual, Spousal, and Regional Effects of Optimism across the Lifespan: Origins of Change and Links to Health and Well-Being"